Biggest Technology Problem of 2020 for the Legal Industry with Tom Lambotte

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2020

There is so much technology out there that is supposed to make our work easier and more efficient. But finding the right ones can be overwhelming since there are so many options. Many times we get too overwhelmed and either don’t do anything or just buy too much software. In this episode Moshe Amsel interviews Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMac IT. With his knowledge in Mac computers and technology, Tom is able to clear the confusion around which technology to use and how to maximize it. 


Tom and Moshe discuss the biggest challenge facing the Legal Industry today in relation to technology along with a ton of practical tips on how best to deal with it. You don’t want to miss this episode full of insightful ideas that will make your firm run more securely, efficiently and optimize your and your staff’s precious time.

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Tom Lambotte’s email address - [email protected]

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