What’s Your Law Firm’s Capital S Story? with Paul Furiga

Behind every firm is a unique story that makes them stand out. Unfortunately, few law firm owners know how to capitalize on their story — or tell it. Instead, they jump on all the newest marketing initiatives without clearly understanding what they share. If this is what you've been doing, you're bound to get disappointed over and over. Before engaging in any marketing efforts, you must first find your law firm's Capital S story.

In this episode, Paul Furiga, CEO and Chief Storyteller of WordWrite, joins us to discuss finding your firm's Capital S story. He talks about the power of having a story that draws in potential clients and talents to your firm. He also shares the Storycrafting process and models they use at WordWrite and how to apply them in different business and marketing contexts.

If you want to know how to start telling your Capital S story of your firm, then this episode is for you.

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