Build a 90 Day Multi-Channel Content Strategy in 45 Minutes with Mark Homer

In this Law Firm Growth Summit 2021 session replay, Mark Homer, Founder of GNGF, gives us an easy strategy to have content across all channels your potential clients may be using.

You know that a content strategy is important. However, your potential clients are spending more time online. These potential clients are fractured across many online channels as they spend more time on social media, watching online videos, reading email, and turning to Google more and more to answer any questions they have.  Therefore your content strategy needs to be multi-channel. Instead of creating more work for you, we can repurpose content to hit these multiple channels. When you leave this session, you will have a 90 day editorial calendar in 45 minutes. All built around repurposing 3-6 simple content ideas that you can execute quickly.


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