How a Fractional CFO Can Lead Your Business to Success with Danielle Hendon

In this podcast episode I had an enlightening conversation with Danielle Hendon, owner of 4 Corners CFO about law firm finances and everything you need to know about hiring a fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 


Danielle Hendon: From Music Major to Accounting Guru

Danielle shared her intriguing background story with us. She initially pursued a music major in college, but later switched to accounting after realizing she couldn't afford a career in music. She found joy in working with numbers and the intricate details of accounting. After completing her master's in accounting, she worked in public accounting and then landed a job at an oil and gas company in Houston. However, the company went through bankruptcy and eventually closed due to the pandemic. This unfortunate event presented Danielle with an opportunity to start her own business and provide fractional CFO services to small business owners like you.


The Impact of Big Business Finance on Small...

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