Retaining Clients and Employees: The 100-Day Secret to Long-Term Success with Joey Coleman

Want to know how to keep your clients and employees loyal for the long haul, resulting in business growth that lasts?

In this episode of Profit with Law, guest Joey Coleman, a former attorney turned customer retention expert, shares invaluable insights on client and employee retention. With his unique blend of legal and business expertise, Joey emphasizes the critical role of the first 100 days in shaping long-term client relationships. He highlights the significance of creating a positive client experience early on to ensure long-term retention and potential referrals. Joey's practical insights and evidence-based approach offer valuable guidance for law firm owners seeking to improve client retention and create exceptional customer experiences in the legal industry.

If you're looking to enhance client and employee retention, Joey's expertise and actionable tips make this episode a must-listen for law firm owners striving for long-term business success.

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