Training Your Team to Take Your Firm to New Heights with Molly McGrath

Do you want to have a more engaged and productive law firm team? Are you looking for a solution to empower your team members and achieve optimal performance? 


Embark on a journey of transformation with Moshe Amsel and Molly McGrath, as they uncover the surprising truth about law firm dynamics. Molly's passion for empowering every team member, from receptionists to paralegals, will leave you inspired and eager to learn more. Join us as we dive into Molly's unique approach, and discover how she's igniting a fire within law firm teams that will revolutionize the industry. Are you ready to unlock the potential of your team and lead them towards unparalleled success and fulfillment?


Listen to this episode now and start building your high-performing law firm team today!


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Build high-performing law firm teams to boost productivity and success.
  • Empower employees to become legal leaders and drive firm growth.
  • Discover the...
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What Your Support Team Needs to Help You Succeed - Molly McGrath

molly mcgrath Dec 28, 2021

During the week of December 20th, 2021 we kicked off a virtual planning event to help you plan your best year ever in 2022. This is our eighth session with Molly McGrath, Founder of Hiring & Empowering Solutions. Molly shares 8 keys to having empowering conversations with your employees. Molly Mcgrath also let us in on Molly's tips for a better workplace culture. Tune in with Molly Mcgrath if you want to learn more about empowering your team. Find out how you can develop a better culture with Molly Mcgrath.

Resources mentioned during this session with Molly Mcgrath:


Tired of being a stressed out lawyer? Book a free coaching call with one of our coaches and find out how to become a proud and free law firm owner like Molly Mcgrath-


Best Year Ever 2022 Law Firm Growth Summit Annual Planning Experience Replay link, including this session with Molly Mcgrath:


Hiring &...

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