Best Of: Building the 7 Figure Attorney Mindset and Reality with Craig Goldenfarb

It's our podcast's fifth anniversary, and we're commemorating the occasion by revisiting our most popular episode of all time! Join us as we relive the conversation, knowledge and insights that made it a standout among our listeners.

Craig Goldenfarb discusses the importance of growing and scaling your business and having a positive work culture. Every year, law schools produce legal practitioners of great minds and integrity. However, the training and education they receive have little to do with business development. As a result, law entrepreneurs need to learn the fundamentals of how to grow a business from scratch — and the first step is shifting from having a lawyer mindset to how to be a business owner.
In this episode, learn how Craig Goldenfarb lays out the basic groundwork to make an enduring and successful law business. He discusses with Moshe Amsel the importance of growing and scaling your business as well as having a positive work culture.

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