Crushing Your Marketing Chaos: Five Easy Steps to Consistent, Recurring Revenue with Allison Williams

In this Law Firm Growth Summit 2021 session replay, Allison Williams shares how to CRUSH your marketing chaos, so that you have time to spend on the things you enjoy.


Are you one of the countless lawyers who understands the importance of marketing, but find it really challenging to fit it into an already jam packed schedule? This workshop provides the solution to this age old problem. Allison Williams, The Law Firm Mentor, will walk you through its step-by-step process to create consistent, recurring revenue in your law firm. And the best part?  You will learn how to rinse and repeat that process so that you can dial-in consistent revenue across multiple funnels - for both online and offline marketing.  This is where 10X really begins!



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Client Attraction: 5 Steps to a Steady Stream of Clients with Sharon Christie

In this Law Firm Growth Summit 2022 session replay, Sharon Christie shares 5 simple steps for getting a consistent flow of new clients.


Great clients are the lifeblood of all law firms, but many lawyers are not prepared for client

development. Lawyers know that they must generate new business for their firms, but

their current approach doesn’t deliver a steady stream of clients (and that leaves them

struggling in their practice). This program teaches lawyers how to attract a steady stream

of great clients using both online and off-line techniques. When used consistently, Sharon’s 5

Step Client Attraction System will generate a steady stream of 5 star clients (which results

in steady cash flow too).


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Build a 90 Day Multi-Channel Content Strategy in 45 Minutes with Mark Homer

In this Law Firm Growth Summit 2021 session replay, Mark Homer, Founder of GNGF, gives us an easy strategy to have content across all channels your potential clients may be using.

You know that a content strategy is important. However, your potential clients are spending more time online. These potential clients are fractured across many online channels as they spend more time on social media, watching online videos, reading email, and turning to Google more and more to answer any questions they have.  Therefore your content strategy needs to be multi-channel. Instead of creating more work for you, we can repurpose content to hit these multiple channels. When you leave this session, you will have a 90 day editorial calendar in 45 minutes. All built around repurposing 3-6 simple content ideas that you can execute quickly.


Registration for the Law Firm Growth Summit 2024 is now open! Reserve your FREE spot now!


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Why Google My Business is Key to Getting Your Law Firm Out of the Startup Phase with Ronnie Deaver

Are you tired of your law firm being stuck in the startup stage? If you’re ready to kickstart the growth of your business, then this episode is for you!


In this Law Firm Growth Summit 2022 session replay, Ronnie Deaver, founder of NoBull Marketing, explains how to use Google My Business to get your law firm out of the startup stage. He also offers expert insights on how to make sure you don’t lose any leads.



Registration for the Law Firm Growth Summit 2024 is now open! Reserve your FREE spot now!


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How to Double Your Case Files Without Spending Another Cent on Marketing with Jan Roos

In this Law Firm Growth Summit 2019 session replay, Jan Roos, CEO of CaseFuel and author of the book “The Legal Marketing Fastlane” talks about How to Double Your Case Files without Spending Another Cent on Marketing. He talks about why spending more money to have “big engine” marketing gets minimal return on investment, and why legal firms should focus instead on a more lean and more effective marketing process.


Episode Highlights

The Problem with “Big Engine” Marketing

Spending more money to have “big engine” marketing produces clients but at the end of the day, you get minimal return on investment. The more lean and the more effective your marketing is, the better. You might not need a bigger engine, you might just need a more efficient process. To do this, you have to leverage your intake process because two to three times more business deals can be closed by fixing these intake processes.


Some Amazing Numbers to...

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Best of: Women Empowerment and How to Avoid These Two Common Mistakes with Jaimee Hall

Running a law firm always comes with tough challenges. It is not enough to know you need to make tough decisions; you also need to know how to make correct ones. You’ve got to ask the right questions: How do you enact women empowerment? When should you hire vs when should you implement more technology? What data do you need to look at?

In this episode, Jaimee Hall joins us to discuss the two most common mistakes of law firm owners: not maximizing their use of technology and not tracking important metrics. She talks about how you can make the right calls that will elevate your law firm. Jaimee also shares the key metrics you should track and the importance of strategic planning. Lastly, she offers insights on women empowerment in the legal industry.

If you want to gain confidence in making tough decisions that will elevate your law firm, then this episode is for you.


Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn about the common mistakes you...
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The Key Drivers Behind a Valuable and Marketable Law Firm with Brooke Lively

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of maximizing your law firm's value for potential sale, then you are not alone! As a law firm owner, you may be struggling to delegate responsibilities, cultivate a thriving team, and create a profitable business that's attractive to potential buyers. Instead of feeling confident about the value of your firm, you might feel stuck and unsure where to focus your efforts.

In this episode of the Profit with Law podcast, Moshe Amsel sits down with Brooke Lively to delve into the critical factors that impact the sellability and value of law firms. Brooke, a financial expert specializing in helping law firms optimize their operations, shares invaluable insights into how understanding the numbers in a law firm can significantly impact its potential sale value. She emphasizes the importance of turning a law firm into a valuable asset by focusing on profitability, cash flow, and ensuring the owner is not the central figure in the business....

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Best Of: Building the 7 Figure Attorney Mindset and Reality with Craig Goldenfarb

It's our podcast's fifth anniversary, and we're commemorating the occasion by revisiting our most popular episode of all time! Join us as we relive the conversation, knowledge and insights that made it a standout among our listeners.

Craig Goldenfarb discusses the importance of growing and scaling your business and having a positive work culture. Every year, law schools produce legal practitioners of great minds and integrity. However, the training and education they receive have little to do with business development. As a result, law entrepreneurs need to learn the fundamentals of how to grow a business from scratch — and the first step is shifting from having a lawyer mindset to how to be a business owner.
In this episode, learn how Craig Goldenfarb lays out the basic groundwork to make an enduring and successful law business. He discusses with Moshe Amsel the importance of growing and scaling your business as well as having a positive work culture.

If you want to learn...

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Boost Client Acquisition: 5 Keys to Marketing Success for Law Firms with Travis Hoechlin

If you're feeling frustrated by spending money on marketing campaigns and not seeing a substantial return on investment, then you are not alone! Many small law firm owners struggle with this, feeling like they're throwing money at the wall and hoping something sticks. It's time to stop the cycle of disappointment and start seeing real results from your marketing efforts.

In this episode of Profit with Law, Travis Hoechlin, CEO of Rise Up Media, joins Moshe Amsel to share easy marketing strategies that can make a big difference for small law firm owners. Travis draws from over a decade of experience in helping law firms grow and customize their marketing strategies to boost client generation and higher revenue. Moshe and Travis emphasize the significance of investing in marketing, hiring more attorneys for increased revenue, and converting referrals into clients. Travis also highlights the value of leveraging technology, such as text messaging, to improve client communication. They...

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Retaining Clients and Employees: The 100-Day Secret to Long-Term Success with Joey Coleman

Want to know how to keep your clients and employees loyal for the long haul, resulting in business growth that lasts?

In this episode of Profit with Law, guest Joey Coleman, a former attorney turned customer retention expert, shares invaluable insights on client and employee retention. With his unique blend of legal and business expertise, Joey emphasizes the critical role of the first 100 days in shaping long-term client relationships. He highlights the significance of creating a positive client experience early on to ensure long-term retention and potential referrals. Joey's practical insights and evidence-based approach offer valuable guidance for law firm owners seeking to improve client retention and create exceptional customer experiences in the legal industry.

If you're looking to enhance client and employee retention, Joey's expertise and actionable tips make this episode a must-listen for law firm owners striving for long-term business success.

Episode Highlights


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