Perfection is the Enemy of Progress: Finding the Career You Love

Law firm owners and many career-driven people think balancing work and life comes later. We prioritize work and success — but at what cost? It's not unusual to lose your personal life in the journey for perfection.

In this episode, Katie McManus joins us to talk about living the life you want to live today. You don't have to wait for your first million to start spending time with your friends and family. 

Here's the kicker: sometimes, if you're so good at your job that you're approaching perfection, you might be doing something wrong. We'll discuss how to win — not only in business and law but in life too.

It's never too early to create the mindset you need to succeed. Don't miss this episode if you're ready to learn why perfection is the enemy of progress and why you should drop it  to win the game of life.

Here are three reasons to listen to this episode:

  1. Understand how and why it’s better to be clear than kind.
  2. Find out why you...
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