Using Technology to Make the Legal Industry More Accessible with Ouriel Lemmel

As with all industries and professions, technology has completely transformed the way the legal industry works. Now, both lawyers and people seeking legal service can take advantage of various platforms and applications for their needs. This accessibility is highly essential in resolving common cases and in educating people about their rights. One of the most common of these cases people would encounter at least once in their life is having to pay for traffic tickets and parking tickets.

In today's episode, WinIt's co-founder Ouriel Lemmel joins us to discuss in detail how the platform works. He explains how both clients and attorneys can use WinIt for resolving concerns with parking and traffic tickets. Using Winit, you can determine if you pay for traffic and parking tickets or you fight them. Ouriel also talks about how they onboard attorneys on the platform, the pricing structure, and what drives people to use the app. Finally, he shares his insights about the role of...

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