Marketing Made Easy: Janet Falk's Step-by-Step Guide for Busy Law Firm Owners

Do you want your law firm to gain more visibility and establish a stronger reputation within the legal industry? Wondering how to achieve that desired outcome? Look no further! 

In this episode, our guest, Janet Falk, will reveal the key solution to help your law firm enhance its marketing strategy and ultimately increase its prominence and credibility in the legal field. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Janet offers valuable strategies that can help you elevate your marketing game and achieve greater success

Don't miss out on this episode packed with actionable insights!


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Boost your law firm's visibility with effective marketing strategies.
  • Expand your network and attract new clients with successful networking tactics for law firms.
  • Elevate your reputation and establish credibility by securing speaking engagements as a lawyer.
  • Harness the power of content marketing with expertly written articles to promote your legal services.
  • Take your law firm's marketing to the next level with comprehensive PR and marketing services tailored to the legal industry.


Boost Visibility with Effective Marketing

Effective marketing sets the foundation for enhancing visibility and credibility in the legal industry. It involves creating a strong online presence through a professional website, a LinkedIn profile, and consistent newsletters that offer valuable insights for contacts and clients. By leveraging client testimonials and co-authoring articles, law firms can demonstrate their expertise and reputation to attract potential clients.


Expand Network with Successful Networking Tactics

Successful networking is paramount for law firm owners to connect with potential referral sources and clients. This can be achieved by actively participating in networking groups relevant to their practice areas. Pre-networking strategies such as introducing oneself to organizational leaders beforehand and ensuring effective follow-ups after meetings can significantly bolster relationships and facilitate meaningful connections.


Elevate Reputation with Speaking Engagements
Speaking engagements offer a chance for law firms to share their expertise and position themselves as valuable resources in the legal industry. Janet Falk emphasizes the importance of becoming known to reporters who regularly source speakers for their stories. By reaching out to them with unique insights on underreported topics and creating a comprehensive media profile, law firm owners can significantly enhance their chances of securing high-visibility speaking slots, further elevating their reputation.


Episode Highlights


[00:00] Introduction to Janet Falk 

Introduction to the guest, Janet Falk, a public relations and chief strategist at Falk Communications and Research. She shares her diverse background and expertise in helping attorneys, business owners, and consultants with their public relations and marketing efforts.


[06:57] Prioritizing Marketing Activities 

Janet emphasizes the importance of having a website and LinkedIn profile as the first steps in establishing a professional online presence. She also suggests sending virtual announcements to one's network and utilizing newsletters to stay top of mind with contacts. Joining networking groups and publishing articles in relevant publications are additional strategies to consider.


[11:20] Joining Bar Associations and Trade Associations 

Janet advises joining local bar associations and trade associations that align with one's practice areas and referral sources. Active participation in these organizations can lead to opportunities for publishing articles and showcasing successes with clients, increasing credibility and visibility within the industry.


[14:23] Introduction and Warm Up the Room Strategy for Networking Events

Janet Falk discusses the importance of warming up the room before a networking event by introducing yourself to key individuals. This strategy involves making a good impression on influential members who can introduce you to others and help you achieve your business goals.


[20:47] The Importance of Having a Networking Plan 

Many people attend networking events without a plan or strategy, leading to awkward introductions. Falk emphasizes the need for a systematic approach to networking, where you strategically connect with influential individuals who can support your goals.


[25:15] Maximizing Speaking Engagements 

Janet highlights the significance of speaking engagements for professionals. By establishing yourself as a subject matter expert, you can attract media attention and be invited to share insights on TV, news articles, or industry events.


[32:28] The Baseball Analogy for Marketing

Janet suggests thinking broadly and specifically when it comes to marketing. She introduces her baseball analogy, where she calls her book "Create and Monitor Your Marketing RBI." She explains that RBI stands for Runs Batted In and compares it to scoring more runs than the other team in baseball. 


[34:20] Networking Squared 

Janet discusses the importance of networking and introduces her concept of "Networking Squared." This involves connecting two people who could benefit from knowing each other. By doing this, she gains insights into their practices while helping them build a relationship.   


[36:48] Cover all the Bases 

Janet advises always promoting the events you attend or speak at before and after the event. Doing so will give you more visibility and establish you as an authority figure.



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Create and Monitor Your Marketing RBI: Five Essential Marketing Activities to Grow Your Practice by Janet Falk:


About Janet Falk

Janet is a Public Relations professional advising attorneys, business owners and consultants on: contacting reporters, LinkedIn, marketing communications, networking and newsletters.


Connect with Janet Falk on her Website. You can also follow her on LinkedIn.


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