Reducing Your Workload with Fractional Executive Assistants with Valerie Trapunsky

hiring hiring employees Dec 30, 2021

Whenever we pursue our entrepreneurial dreams, there’s always that administrative work that gets in the way of our management. Instead of focusing on building your business for growth opportunities, you spend a significant amount of time with micro-specialized work. By hiring an assistant to assist you, you can drive your business forward and navigate through the redundant tasks that dim your entrepreneurial passion.

In this episode, Valerie Trapunsky, the CEO and founder of ChatterBoss, shares the importance of hiring an assistant.

She talks about why successful people need to hire assistants for their businesses to thrive. Finally, she explains the responsibilities that hired assistants may offer to ease your business processes.

If you’re interested in learning the advantages of hiring an assistant, this episode is for you!

Three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Discover the importance of hiring an assistant.
  2. Learn how ChatterBoss helps in...
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How to Hire the Right People and Motivate Your Team for Success with Julie Bartkus

Despite the significant growth of the industry, many lawyers couldn’t hire the best employees for their teams. Finding the right employees to match your law firm's vision can be a lengthy and frustrating process. How and who you hire are instrumental to the future of your company. To set your law firm for success, you need to hire the right employees with the potential to elevate and turn your company’s vision into reality. 

In this episode, our guest Julie Bartkus shares the importance of emotional connection in hiring employees to get the best talent for your law firm. She discusses techniques for creating advertisements that will attract the people you need for your company. We also discuss how you can retain and motivate your employees to meet and surpass expectations and cultivate a positive workplace. 

If you want to know how to hire the right additions to your team and motivate them to pursue success, this episode is for you.

Here are three...

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