How to Be a Better Lawyer: The Human Connection with Neal Goldstein

On paper, most people might think that they want the most efficient lawyer. But the truth is, when someone needs legal help, they’re not looking for the lawyer with the most successful cases. They want the lawyer who cares about them — someone really in their corner. Put yourself in their shoes. Who would you rather work with: a machine, or someone you know, like, and trust? Be the person who calls them back, who assures them that everything will be alright. Share a piece of your story, build a human connection, and create an authentic relationship.

In this episode, Neal Goldstein joins us to talk about the importance of building a human connection with clients. He also shares how his challenging childhood shaped his values and the story of how he became a personal injury lawyer. Neal emphasizes that personal connections and humanizing your relationship are key to fostering a repeat client base.

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