Beyond Billable Hours: Leveraging Executive Assistants for Law Firm Growth with Gina Cotner

Welcome back to the Profit with Law Podcast! In today's episode, we delve into the transformative power of support staff and effective delegation with our special guest, Gina Cotner, founder, and CEO of Athena Executive Services. Gina shares her journey from an executive assistant to a successful entrepreneur whose company pairs busy professionals with top-tier virtual executive assistants. 

Join Moshe Amsel and Gina as they uncover the secrets to maximizing productivity, minimizing non-billable work, and enhancing business growth by leveraging executive support staff. You'll learn the crucial differences between hiring local executive assistants versus overseas virtual assistants, the importance of communication and quality control, and how to effectively delegate tasks to empower your team and boost your firm's performance. 

Tune in for invaluable insights that will help you take your law practice to the next level!


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