Why You Need A Tax Planner with Larry Weinstein

tax planner tax planning Oct 14, 2021

You're a responsible law firm owner, and you pay your taxes. You file your paperwork on time, it's accurate, and everything's above board. Fortunately, a tax planner can help you figure out how to pay as little tax as possible.

Tax terminator and CPA Larry Weinstein join us in this exciting episode. He generously shares his knowledge as an expert tax planner. We discuss his tax minimization planning, the Larry Six-Pack. He also shares the difference between a tax planner and a tax preparer and how you can spot a good tax planner.

Want to know how to navigate the tax code and enjoy more of your hard-earned money? Then this episode is for you!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the importance of a tax planner and how to find a good one. 
  2. Learn how you can legally minimize your tax with the Larry Six-Pack.
  3. Change your mindset about tax planning.


  • This episode is sponsored by Smith.ai. Curious how you can use a receptionist service at...
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