The Grief Guide: How Lawyers Can Better Support Clients Through Loss with John Brocas

Do you want to create stronger connections with your clients and improve their overall experience?

In this episode, John Brocas, founder of Help Lawyer, joins Moshe Amsel to reveal the key solution to help you achieve this goal. Learn how to enhance client satisfaction and foster more meaningful relationships through empathy in your law firm. By focusing on the emotional needs of clients and providing exceptional service, John sheds light on the significance of empathy and active listening in the legal profession, ultimately helping lawyers enhance their client experience and build stronger relationships.

If you want to understand how to support your clients through grief and loss and create a positive client experience, this episode is a must-listen for lawyers and legal professionals.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of empathy in law to build stronger client relationships.
  • Develop emotional connections with clients to enhance trust and...
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