The Grief Guide: How Lawyers Can Better Support Clients Through Loss with John Brocas

Do you want to create stronger connections with your clients and improve their overall experience?

In this episode, John Brocas, founder of Help Lawyer, joins Moshe Amsel to reveal the key solution to help you achieve this goal. Learn how to enhance client satisfaction and foster more meaningful relationships through empathy in your law firm. By focusing on the emotional needs of clients and providing exceptional service, John sheds light on the significance of empathy and active listening in the legal profession, ultimately helping lawyers enhance their client experience and build stronger relationships.

If you want to understand how to support your clients through grief and loss and create a positive client experience, this episode is a must-listen for lawyers and legal professionals.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of empathy in law to build stronger client relationships.
  • Develop emotional connections with clients to enhance trust and loyalty.
  • Learn how to support clients through grief for a more empathetic legal practice.
  • Master the art of active listening in the legal profession for better client communication.
  • Enhance client experience in law to stand out in the competitive legal market.

Episode Highlights

[00:00] Introduction to John Brocas
Moshe Amsel introduces John Brocas, founder of Help Lawyer, and his background in the British Army and experience in grief, setting the stage for the conversation.

[07:56] John's Transition to Educating Law Firms
John explains his transition from publishing and media to educating law firms about the grieving process, highlighting the importance of emotional connection in the legal field.

[12:15] Misconceptions about Stages of Grief
John dispels the misconception of stages in the grieving process and emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual's grief, challenging the idea of stages and the possibility of healing or recovery from grief.

[14:03] Understanding the Stages of Grief
John explains that grief is not a linear process and that individuals can experience different stages at any given moment. He emphasizes the importance of awareness, acceptance, and choice in dealing with grief.

[16:24] Connecting with Clients During Grief
John advises lawyers to avoid generic condolences and instead engage in the client's story. He suggests asking about the loved one and making an emotional connection before delving into legal matters.

[19:54] The Power of Storytelling
Moshe shares the Jewish tradition of sitting shiva as a way to share stories about the deceased. John highlights the impact of storytelling in relieving grief and suggests allowing clients to share during meetings.

[23:50] Navigating the Attorney-Client Relationship
John explains how lawyers can set expectations from the outset, showing empathy while also establishing the professional boundaries of their role.

[27:20] Leading with Empathy in Client Interactions
Moshe and John discuss how empathy can change the dynamic of client interactions. They advise lawyers to lead with support and next steps rather than a sales pitch, allowing clients to feel heard and valued.

[33:43] Understanding Clients in Family Law
Brocas discusses the importance of understanding the emotional aspect of family law cases. He advises lawyers to focus on getting to know the client on a personal level before delving into the legal proceedings.

[36:49] The Power of Listening
Brocas highlights the significance of active listening in the legal profession. He emphasizes that the gift of service comes from the ability to deeply listen to clients, ultimately earning their trust and choosing the lawyer as their legal representative.


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About John Brocas

John would like to discuss the potential of utilizing directories for purposes beyond profile management. However, there is an unexpected aspect to their background—a two-decade expertise as a grief expert. He has extensively worked in the field and are currently launching a series of workshops focused on educating wrongful death lawyers about handling grief. His desire is to concentrate on this relatively unfamiliar subject matter during the conversation.

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