Protecting Your Law Firm Against Cyber Attacks with Tom Lambotte

We all work hard to create a successful practice. We're busy generating leads, building our reputation, and providing excellent service to our clients. However, you might be overlooking one crucial component of your business: cybersecurity. Cyber attacks today have become much more sophisticated, and they're continually evolving. Thus, you cannot merely hope to avoid being targeted. You need to take action to protect your business now.

In this episode, cybersecurity expert Tom Lambotte joins us to discuss the threats we face with cyber attacks today. He discusses ransomware, phishing, and how you can protect yourself against both. Tom also shares how a lack of awareness, time, clarity, and implementation leads to weak security. Many law firm owners don't realize their need for cybersecurity until it's too late. Don't wait until cyber attacks today ruin your entire practice.

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