How to Solve Your Firm’s Problems with Tech Solutions with Bim Dave

Technology has made many things in the world much easier. Today, almost everyone everywhere uses technology to access information, make processes smoother, and solve problems. Over the years, various industries have adopted tech solutions for data analysis, customer management, and much more. The legal industry has taken its time, but it’s catching up with the early adopters. With the right tools, life can be easier and lawyers can improve the way they run their firms.

Bim Dave has worked in legal technology for over 20 years. In this episode, Bim joins us to talk about how you can benefit from technology in the best way possible. He shares how he and his company, Helm360, provide creative technology solutions that firms can implement to solve unique problems. Bim shows law firms that there is no need to fear technology. Instead, it is something to be embraced and used to improve lives.

If you have a problem you’re struggling with, what you might need is a technology solution. Don’t miss this episode to learn more!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Learn about the different tech solutions that can address an array of problems in your firm.
  2. Discover the ways data can be used to gather important information and predict the future.
  3. Start embracing technology and see how it can elevate your firm.


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Episode Highlights

Bim and Helm360

  • Bim has been working in legal technology for over 20 years. He started in technical support, helping customers and law firms with technical issues.
  • He worked in a consulting team and was responsible for rolling out technology solutions all over the world.
  • Bim joined Helm360 seven years ago. They helped law firms implement new technologies best suited to their needs.

Bim: “We bring resources to the table to enable law firms [to] implement that top technology really quickly and efficiently in a way that makes sense to the firm.”

  • Helm360 products and services include data conversion, report development, digital AI, chatbot solutions, and more.

The Problems That Need Solutions

  • Many companies use technology solutions from long ago. However, the state of these systems is deteriorating, leading to more risks and problems.
  • These firms need to upgrade to new technology and migrate to new platforms.
  • Tech solutions ensure that the firm’s data fits into the new platforms. There is a validation process that checks for incorrect numbers and finds these holes.
  • Helm360’s offers focus on the financial and core case management systems. They are also applicable to key areas in business management.

Who Can Benefit from These Technology Solutions?

  • Helm360 helps a wide range of consumers in the market. Their solutions can help small- to mid-sized firms who may not have the time and expertise to analyze their data.
  • They can make sense of data, which gives lawyers efficient access to information vital to cases.

Bim: “What we focus on is really enabling the lawyers [to do] what they do best, which is practice law. And we try and bridge the gap between them and the technology to make sure that they can get the best out of it.”

  • A firm Bim worked with in the past noticed that only a few lawyers used the simple dashboard for data collection. They’re not likely to adopt and use some solutions.
  • Rather than a self-serving system, Helm360 approached the problem differently. They proactively prompt the lawyers to act.
  • Bigger global firms also work with them for longer-term, more resource-heavy technology solutions.

Improving Solutions

  • Customers don’t always see the bigger picture beyond all the manual effort that goes into the work.
  • Rather than a collection report, Helm360 can proactively prompt lawyers through chat channels. The chat gives them the necessary options and information to take action.
  • Their customers can suggest solutions, which they try to flip to become more scalable and flexible. This saves them time and money.
  • Helm360’s solutions are more configuration driven. They’re built to allow the customer to apply them to different scenarios in the future.

Bim: “Challenging the thinking in terms of, ‘You may need X today. But then what if you need to ask these questions of the model? In future?’ How do we evolve that right? How do we make sure that we’re planning for the future?”

Predicting the Future with Technology

Moshe: “One of the challenges that firm owners have is in the planning of their future execution.”

  • One of Helm360’s products uses historical data to get a descriptive understanding of the future through an AI model.
  • In the past, predictive analytics needed all kinds of charts and lines. Now, AI can explain the data in a simple manner.

Bim: “Rather than me having to interpret the data, we let the AI do the interpretation of the data and then explain it in plain English back to us. And that’s really one of the powerful things.”

  • The model and chat interface can define anomalies, find them, and predict what you can expect in the future.
  • It leverages the firm’s knowledge that has built up over time.
  • A person can search the data, and the AI can pinpoint and extract information from it.

The Cost of Technology Solutions

  • The evolution of AI technology has led the service cost to drop dramatically. However, prices can still have a wide range depending on what you need.

Bim: “What we like to do with our customers is to really define upfront the problem that needs to be solved by the technology. [We] break it down into chunks that are easy to consume for the firm and easy to implement.”

  • Helm360 breaks down the problem and solution to make it easier to address and implement.
  • Besides easier implementation, this approach can minimize upfront expenses. This also allows for lower upfront costs and customer planning.
  • The incremental addition of cost can also minimize risk.

Bim’s Final Advice

Bim: “Don’t fear technology.”

  • There can be good and bad press around AI and what it can do.
  • Smaller law firms can benefit more from these technology solutions. They’re more able to implement them quickly and make decisions.
  • Embrace the change and give it a try.
  • Helm 360 is always open to showing the customer the value and proof of concept of what they can do.

Staying Profitable through Technology

  • Many people don’t often see the factors and problems they need to address in their firm. Technology solutions can help show the path to staying profitable.
  • These solutions can give insight into the data and help people make the right decisions.
  • The key is to have the right questions to ask and make sure you’re solving the right problem.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore and find out more.

About Bim

Bim Dave is the Executive Vice President of Helm360, a legal technology company that helps law firms implement best of breed solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the legal technology industry, Bim is an accomplished leader and a driving force behind Helm360's success. His expertise in legal technology, coupled with his passion for innovation, has helped Helm360 become a recognized industry leader in delivering innovative solutions to law firms and legal departments across the globe.

Connect with Bim on LinkedIn.

Interested in evolving your business with the help of technological solutions and innovation? Visit Helm360 and contact them.

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