Perfection is the Enemy of Progress: Finding the Career You Love

Law firm owners and many career-driven people think balancing work and life comes later. We prioritize work and success — but at what cost? It's not unusual to lose your personal life in the journey for perfection.

In this episode, Katie McManus joins us to talk about living the life you want to live today. You don't have to wait for your first million to start spending time with your friends and family. 

Here's the kicker: sometimes, if you're so good at your job that you're approaching perfection, you might be doing something wrong. We'll discuss how to win — not only in business and law but in life too.

It's never too early to create the mindset you need to succeed. Don't miss this episode if you're ready to learn why perfection is the enemy of progress and why you should drop it  to win the game of life.

Here are three reasons to listen to this episode:

  1. Understand how and why it’s better to be clear than kind.
  2. Find out why you shouldn’t be a perfectionist.
  3. Learn the mindset you need to win the game of life — and still succeed at business.


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  • Radical Candor by Kim Scott
  • Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz

Introducing Katie

  • Katie was a classic career hopper. She had multiple sales roles in various industries. She even taught people how to knit in a yarn shop.
  • Katie experienced impostor syndrome throughout her 20s but had coaches help her through her career decisions. She wanted to be a coach too.

Katie: “I'm in my late 20, like, I'm working in a job that I hate, I might as well go get trained..."

  • She began as a dating coach but later shifted to leadership coaching.

Katie: “I'm gonna go out, and I'm going to fix these men, and then they're going to be great today."

Training Your Assistant

  • The number one problem for many people is a perceived lack of time to do everything. Digging deeper, it's not a lack of time but rather an unwillingness to let go of control.

Katie: “I have to figure out how to train my assistant to be the best assistant possible before I bring them on."

  • One client recently hired a bunch of new people to their business, but still held on to doing everything himself.
  • It's necessary to meet with the right talent and co-create roles.
  • Be comfortable when things don't go according to plan.
  • Knowing when it's necessary to be a decision-maker and when it's okay to let someone else make decisions is vital.

Don't Be Nice, Be Clear

  • Being kind means being crystal clear when offering feedback.

Katie: “When you're trying to be nice, you're actually not being that particularly helpful, because you're placating someone who may not be doing things correctly.”

  • Start conversations by celebrating successes before addressing areas for improvement.
  • Emphasize that the process of learning to work together is iterative and growth-oriented.
  • Kindness in an employer-employee relationship is clear and constructive feedback.

Emotional Intelligence for Managing People

  • Lawyers need a level of emotional intelligence to manage other people.

Katie: “Let's face the reality of what your job is, you're constantly going to battle on behalf of your clients.”

  • The profession is like a battle; it involves strategizing and winning against an opposition. Every case activates a lawyer's nervous system.
  • Have compassion for yourself to avoid martyrdom and manage your emotions better.

When to Aim For Perfection

  • Done is usually better — and more important — than perfection.
  • Sometimes you need perfection, especially in your role as an attorney. However, it's not always necessary for the business side of managing a law firm.

Moshe: “You really need to understand which role you're sitting in, and, and own that role and recognize that in one, perfectionism is my goal, and the other, if I'm achieving perfectionism, I'm doing something wrong.”

  • Another place to drop perfection is in your marketing. It's sometimes better to show the real you in some fields rather than the professional you.

Katie: "No one can hire you or your firm unless they know that you exist."

Understanding Perfection is the Enemy of Progress and Winning the Game of Life

  • You can enjoy life when you start your business.
  • You don’t have to wait for your first million to start doing more of what you want or love to do.
  • Spending all your time making money means making sacrifices. Usually that means time with family or happiness.

Katie: “There's a cost. If you are the person doing everything in your business, and it's still profitable, and you're making it, there's a cost to your family, there's a cost to your relationship.”

  • You may think that things will be different for you, but humans tend to move their own goalposts.

About Katie

Katie McManus is a business coach who helps mission-driven entrepreneurs get out of overwhelm. They need a strategy that fits their business and vision, and Katie provides. She's straightforward and believes in empowered, intentional decision-making instead of waiting for a flash of inspiration.

Katie's motto is "stop being a weenie", because, according to her, you can accomplish anything with a little bravery. She loves traveling, her dog Luna, and celebrating her clients' wins — with a bottle of good champagne.

Connect with Katie through her website.

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