Clients On Demand - The Only Intake System Your Firm Will Need

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2020

Imagine a world where people walk into your law firm ready to sign your retainer agreement. This is entirely possible, if you have a system that provides all the marketing, authority and answers they need before they walk through your door.

You can accomplish this with a strategic system that we are calling Clients on Demand

In this episode, Moshe Amsel lays out the simple framework of this system and explains why it works. We are also hosting a hands-on one day virtual summit to help you implement the system for your firm (see link in the resources section below).


Resources mentioned:

Clients On Demand - One Day Summit - Hands On Workshop - Complete Your Selling System in a Single Day - Join the Waitlist -

Book a Free Coaching Session and Also Learn More About the 90 Day Law Firm Turnaround Group Coaching Program -

Episode 90 - Marketing Hack: Make Them Aware of Their Problem -


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