How Important Is A Client Photo When Posting a Review? Live Q&A from the Law Firm Growth Summit Day 2 with Sam Mollaei, Seth Price, Mark Homer and Neil Tyra

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020

Day 2 of The Law Firm Growth Summit included a talk by Sam Mollaei on consistently generating legal clients online using the four-part legal funnel system. Part 2 of his 4 part system is to create a simple, distraction-free Landing Page to convert the potential clients to leads. One of the simple items for that landing page is a testimonial with an image of your client.

In our live Q&A session that night, attorney Melissa Pearce, a divorce lawyer asked: In divorce, many clients do not want their picture out there or even their full name. Do you know if not having a picture for a review can negatively impact the conversion rates?

This episode has the answer provided by our panelists Sam Mollaei, Seth Price, Mark Homer, Neil Tyra and Moshe Amsel.


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