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Uncategorized May 10, 2019


Are you working tirelessly for hours on end?

Well guess what? You don’t have to.


We interviewed Chris Small, a SUCCESSFUL law firm owner who ONLY works 25 hours a week for his firm.

That can be you because we are going to share his marketing strategy with you right now.


Chris used to use SEO, but that doesn’t work anymore. Now he uses what he calls “Longtail SEO”. Which means he creates a lot of content to put out there. He does a Facebook live video everyday and then turns it into a video, podcast, blog post, and transcript.

Also, when creating the content he tries to do it in answer to a question someone might be typing into Google.

Moshe has a similar strategy as well. When someone reaches out to you, think about what there first question would be. Now answer that question in a blog post and pay for it to be an ad. People are more likely to click on an ad for a piece of content that answers their question than an ad for a law firm.


Facebook Live

When doing a Facebook live, you’re trying to accomplish two things at once:

  • Build a brand. You’re trying to build trust and show that you’re an expert in that field.
  • Direct sales. You’re also trying to get sales out of it.


With Facebook you can target a certain audience based on location and age. Once someone watches a certain amount of your videos, you can have Facebook show them your ad.

These videos generate one to three new leads a day.

This is a simple way to constantly bring in new clients. Not only that, it takes a very small amount of time and does not cost a lot.

Chris spends 5-10 minutes on the video and about $500 a month. Because the videos build trust, most of his leads become clients. So if he gets 20 clients billed at $2500 each, he ends up with about $50,000 in revenue. All that with minimal money and time cost.

It may take some time in the beginning getting the processes in place and getting comfortable with the live videos, but in the end it really pays off.

The question is though, why aren’t other lawyers taking advantage of this opportunity?

There are a few problems:

  • They don’t want to start something new. Either they think they don’t have the time or they don’t want to do it themselves. Which by the way you don’t have to. All you have to do is understand how the system works and then find the right company that can take care of it for you.
  • Marketing agencies target law firm owners the most. They’re overwhelmed by it, so they just turn everything away. However, it’s a different story if you go to the vendor to put this system in place. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Fear of being judged. They don’t want their peers to judge them for trying something different.

All you have to do is put these worries aside and just try it. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Don’t worry about any negative comments you get because honestly, those people will never become your clients anyway. Their opinion doesn’t matter.


It’s very important to have a coach/mentor and/or be in a group of like-minded people.

It’s hard to see when you’re doing something wrong even if you see it in others. Your mentor will help you recognize the things you can’t see and give you support.

When you’re in a group of like-minded people, they will not only give you support, but you’ll be able to bounce around ideas and learn new things from the other people in the group.

Don’t worry about the price because the payoff is well worth it.


Work hours

Now to answer the million dollar question, how can a law firm owner work so little hours and be successful?

There are two serious issues that are keeping law firm owners from this accomplishment:

  • Thinking that everything you do is special. There are many things that don’t need to be done by you. They can easily be outsourced or given to someone else to take care of. By making everything a process and giving as much work as you can to others, you’re freeing up a lot of your time and making room for more clients (more clients = more money).
  • Billing by the hour. You don’t need to work a lot of hours to deserve the money you make or prove your accomplishments. Stop billing by the hour and start packaging your services.


There are a few advantages to selling your services as a package:

  • Clients know what to expect from the get-go
  • Clients pay up front
  • When you automate your processes, you’ll spend less time on the work while still making all that money you charged as a flat fee


Capitalizing on the Profitability

In order to do this we’ll go through the D.A.D process.

Delete: get rid of any processes or steps that aren’t necessary

Automate: find out if there is a tool you can use to automate the steps and processes

Delegate: take any steps or processes and see if you can give it to someone who costs less

Your Firm is Your Baby

When you first start your own firm, it’s like a newborn baby. You will be putting in a lot of work and constantly taking care of it in the beginning just as you would a baby.

The point is to get to the stage where your firm/baby is mature or old enough to start taking care of itself, to be independent.



When you set boundaries and make things a priority, you will find a way to make your priorities happen. For example, if you decide you only want to work a certain amount of hours a week, you’ll figure out how to get the work done faster.



You are no longer just the worker in the firm. You are the owner and worker and you need to think and act primarily as the owner of the firm. You do not and should not be doing all the work.

Many times our mindset is what’s holding us back. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.


“It’s time to get out of your own way”


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