Understanding the Value of PPC Marketing for Your Firm with Adam Arkfeld

law firm marketing paid ads Aug 19, 2021

Marketing is often not a top priority for many lawyers or law firms. However, understanding why marketing is important is crucial for the growth of your firm.

If you’re searching for a marketing agency but are hesitant to invest a large sum right away, we have the perfect solution for you: pay-per-click marketing. It ensures that your investment yields value in the form of leads. From there, you just need to make sure that your intake process can take them from start to finish. 

In this episode, Adam Arkfeld joins us to talk about how pay-per-click marketing works to generate leads, helping businesses grow their clientele. He also reminds us that marketing should be backed by a strong intake and follow-up process to show results. 

If you want to know more about why pay-per-click marketing is important and valuable for your law firm, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Discover the benefits of pay-per-click marketing and how you can build and optimize your leads with it.
  2. Understand why marketing is important and why it should go hand in hand with an intake process. 
  3. Learn how to start with pay-per-click marketing and the costs associated with it.


Episode Highlights

Adam’s Background

  • Adam used to do commercial real estate and build websites. 
  • He ended up switching to pay-per-click or PPC marketing six years ago. 
  • Adam noticed how law firms and attorneys weren’t getting the best deals for marketing. 
  • Marketing agencies tend to charge more when clients spend more on a campaign. However, it’s not always the case that the agency does more work.
  • This observation led him to start Prevail Legal Marketing with a business model that hinges on guaranteed lead prices and performance. 

Pay for Results, Not Promises

  • Adam’s agency works by taking a retainer upfront.
  • Pricing is based on the number of leads you want to achieve. 
  • Due to the business model, the agency focuses on being efficient and adaptable to any situation to achieve your leads. 
  • This changes the conversation around price-per-lead completely. 

Moshe: “If you can find a way to get really good at what you're doing so that you're charging for the value that somebody is getting, they know, ‘My exposure is kept. And I have results I can expect to receive.’ And you, on your side get to figure out ‘How can we get them the best leads at the lowest cost and increase the spread that we're making in between?’”

Why Marketing Is Important and Understanding the Value of a Lead

  • When working with a PPC agency, it refocuses the attention back to the importance of leads. 
  • Adam shares that their model may not be a good fit for attorneys and law firms that don’t have a strong intake and follow-up process.
  • Their process can document every single lead to determine the campaign’s return of investment quickly.  

Adam: “By reframing the conversation around the price per lead, instead of advertising [and into] spending the retainer, it completely changes the mindset around the value of a lead.”

From Intake to Closing Leads

  • Close rates can differ with each specialization. However, if you have a good intake process, you can expect a 10% close rate at $100 per lead. 
  • In typical marketing agencies, you pay a certain amount, including management. But you usually don’t have a good understanding of your cost per lead. 
  • Marketing companies can help with increasing leads, but you need to make sure they stick around enough for you to close them. 

What’s Your Follow Through?

  • There can be many reasons why lawyers don't answer or follow up on calls.  
  • Clio legal trends reported about two-thirds of law firms either never call back from the initial contact or never answered the phone. 
  • Make sure you have a system in place to take calls.

Adam: “I've just found that we're not an agency that takes on every single client that comes our way… long term, from a psychological and happiness perspective, I think it's really important for everybody involved.”

How Pricing Works in Pay-Per-Click Marketing

  • The pricing per lead will be different based on the service. 
  • The four important metrics to consider are cost per click, conversion rate, cost per lead, and the close rate. 
  • There are also high intent leads such as those in divorce. 
  • Listen to the full episode to get a better understanding of why marketing is important for different specializations. 

Adam: “If you create a very basic spreadsheet, with just those four metrics, you can basically see where your breakdown is, and just kind of try and talk to other attorneys and find out their industry norms.”

Do Small Markets Affect the Pricing? 

  • Adam shares that their model works well for those with low search volume. 
  • This is because most marketers won’t take any campaign for less than $1,000 a month. 
  • However, with their business model, Adam can serve the attorney or law firm with a campaign that works. 
  • Their company has a minimum lead commitment, but it can be adjusted according to the market volume. 
  • Learn how and why marketing is important even for small law firms and how Adam’s agency helps them get the reach they need in the full episode! 

Adam: “[Pay-per-click marketing] actually works really [well for] small attorneys and low volume markets, because the lower economics tend to work really well.” 

How Facebook Ads Are Different from Google Ads

  • Google tends to be directed towards people who need your service. In contrast, Facebook ads are interruption-based marketing and tend to cast a wide net. 
  • Some services are better for different platforms. 
  • In Facebook Ads, it’s better to have a quiz-based landing page than an outright conversion form. 
  • Tune in to know more about the difference between Facebook ads and Google. 

Adam: “The biggest mistake that people running Facebook ads make is they run ads to a landing page with a form that says put in your information and hit convert. Nobody wants to do that. If you change your landing page to a quiz-based landing page, merge rates go up 50%.”

Align Purpose to Action

  • Once you find something that works for you, just keep doing it. 
  • Understand the nature of your service, especially the urgency and period to get specific problems solved. 
  • It’s important to know what you want to do with marketing. 
  • Is it to gain clients or build your brand? 

Adam: “I think people overcomplicate marketing, like with retargeting and all this stuff. It is complicated, but it's also simple. Once you find something that works, and just like telling your audience what works, that’s what works for us, we run those campaigns.” 

Getting Started after Understanding Why Marketing Is Important 

  • If you’re interested in PPC, you’ll first get a short phone call with Adam’s agency.
  • Adam’s agency has a 30 lead minimum commitment, and they have a landing page software up in 7 days. 
  • From start to finish, you can expect leads to come in within four weeks. 
  • This kind of marketing agency is perfect for those who hesitate to invest a significant amount in marketing. 
  • Before getting a service like this, you need to make sure you have a good intake process in place. 

Adam’s Secret for Success

  • Adam’s growth is largely due to exposing himself to people who do things differently and are more successful. 
  • Expose yourself to coaches, entrepreneur organizations, and other different circles. 
  • The way you manage your business, down to your business model, can be inspired by other industries and successful businesses. 

Adam: “Every single change I've made in my business has been because I've seen someone else do something differently, or heard something, by or gotten feedback.”

About Adam

Adam Arkfeld is the owner of two PPC marketing agencies, ParaCore and Prevail Legal Marketing. ParaCore helps high-growth businesses scale with paid media like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and other social and search marketing platforms. With Prevail Legal Marketing, Adam offers fixed-rate, exclusive leads for law firms. Both agencies let clients pay for results and not promises, measuring ROI every step of the way. 

Prevails Legal Marketing’s practice areas include, but are not limited to, auto accidents, bankruptcy, criminal defense, divorce, and family law, estate planning, immigration, mass tort, personal injury, and timeshare cancellation. 

Interested in Adam’s work? Check out ParaCore and Prevail Legal Marketing 

You can also reach Adam through email, LinkedIn, Twitter, or at 888-287-3335. 

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