Finding the Right Marketing Campaigns for Your Law Firm with April and Tyler Roberts

When do you know it’s time to invest in marketing? Your law firm’s long-term success depends on many factors, including marketing. You must know when and how to focus your efforts to connect with the clients you need to help. 

In marketing, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You need to understand what campaigns will work for your law firm in its current timeline.

In this episode, April and Tyler Roberts, co-founders of NOMOS Marketing, join us. They discuss the importance of the when and how in marketing. They also share the importance of a holistic approach when marketing your law firm to clients.

Do you want to change your law firm’s growth trajectory with marketing? Then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Discover when’s the right time to consider marketing as a way to grow your law firm
  2. Find out how marketing campaigns can elevate your law firm in the marketplace
  3. Learn about the factors you must consider before reaching out to a marketing agency 


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Episode Highlights

April and Tyler’s Background

  • Tyler was involved in a car accident during his college days. It introduced him to the civil and criminal sides of the law. A great lawyer referral helped made him pursue law.  
  • They started a marketing agency after Tyler’s experience as a content editor for a magazine. April also for a marketing agency for dental healthcare. 
  • Their marketing agency aims to help clients stand out in the law marketplace. They also help connect them to people who need their expertise.

Role of a Marketing Agency to your Law Firm

  • Start with a vision for the future. Then, work backward to see when and where you can build your brand with the right marketing. 
  • Initial marketing can depend on which growth stage your law firm is at. It can be referral marketing, networking, or case-focused strategies.

Tyler: “I think you really need a solid foundation like that before you come to a marketing agency because then you can give your agency or the freelancers you’re working with the direction that you need, in order for them to be successful for you.”

  • Law firms with consistent revenue from recurring clients can update systems. They can also use marketing to grow.
  • Marketing strategies for their clients depend on the law firm’s vision. They also consider where their clients are in the process. 
  • Different marketing strategies have varying timelines to show full effect. Have realistic expectations of what you can do in a specific period.  

Figuring out the Next Best Step in Marketing

  • Not every marketing agency supports all kinds of marketing efforts. You must approach the right marketing agency with the expertise you need to maximize your law firm’s growth.

April: “Not everything works for every single person. And, you know, every strategy that we put forward for a client is a completely unique one for them.”

  • April and Tyler work as a full-service agency. They take the time to assess their client's needs. That way, they can provide the right marketing campaign.

April: “I think that it’s really important that we get to know what our clients are looking for, and really what their needs are. And a lot of times, they don’t know what their needs are. And so we really like to use examples for our clients, kind of map out what success could look like.”

  • Sometimes, after careful assessment, a law firm must shift and pivot from its current marketing efforts. That will let them benefit from marketing.  

Marketing Sequence for Growth

  • The end game for marketing should lead to brand recognition, referrals, and organic leads.
  • Marketing can start with creating a brand logo and branding package. That includes pins, brochures, or a highly optimized website. 
  • Photos are vital because they make an impression on any future client.

Tyler: “If you fill your websites with stock images, another law firm down the street can use the exact same images. If you have custom photography and videography, no one else can replicate that.”

  • A good story is a final piece to connect your law firm to the right clients. You can gradually escalate marketing efforts from a website to billboards.
  • Always look for ways to make the biggest impact and keep your law firm visible to many people.

Tyler: “It’s just finding that little area of leverage in order to get in front of the right people. And then just consistently doing that over time. So this isn’t a goal that goes up in one month, you know, it’s an investment that takes thousands of dollars on a monthly basis for the duration of one to two years but eventually pays off down the road,”

How to Get Marketing Done

  • As an attorney, you must focus on where you can make the biggest impact. Then, delegate tasks, including marketing.
  • Take April and Tyler’s example. The marketing strategies escalated strategically based on the law firm.  Their agency did the heavy lifting, from a website to blog posts and social media. On the other hand, the attorney tweaked and commented before publishing. It took time before they graduated to billboards. 
  • Marketing happens in sections and gradually.

Tyler: “Creating a successful law firm requires a lot of skill on behalf of the attorney too, so getting out into your community, talking to people, networking, and small local sponsorships can make a huge difference.”

  • Creating a scholarship can help with brand visibility. It can also aid in building your database of connections.

Budget in Marketing

  • You can get started with a low budget in marketing. How? Create your own website and social media accounts.
  • When you think you’re ready to delegate the marketing tasks, look into your budget. It’s around 5% of your budget to maintain your current lead flow and 10% for growth. 
  • Depending on the size of your law firm, it could range between $1,000 to $100,000. It also depends on the marketing campaigns you employ.
  • In determining your marketing budget, look at your profit margin and expected return. Consider the potential client value marketing will bring. 
  • You must also ensure you have the systems to accommodate more clients. 

Healthy Financial Return in Marketing

  • While there are fluctuations in the market, Tyler agrees on setting a five-time return on investment. 
  • Marketing campaigns have to accommodate the law firm. Whatever the amount you put into marketing, it should get a reasonable return. 

Moshe: “And you know, [budget]’s not all going to marketing. So when we started looking at where marketing should be, it should be somewhere between 10 to 15% of your overall revenue.”

About April & Tyler

April and Tyler Roberts are the co-founders of NOMOS Marketing. It is a one-stop shop for law firm marketing. From SEO to branding and design, they help make law firms more approachable, accessible, and human. The company’s goal is to combine marketing and legal expertise to create new ways to connect law firms to their clients.

For more information on what their company does, you can browse through their website. Connect with April and Tyler through LinkedIn. 

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