Creating Powerful Branding and Content To Elevate Your Law Firm with David Jasse

How and what you advertise in your law firm makes or breaks your business. Potential clients will judge your firm based on what they see from your social media online presence. It’s not easy to engage with your target audience with a website alone. Engaging with your clients takes the right advertising.

In this episode, David Jasse joins us to talk about his work as a video marketing strategist with his team at DMJ Studios. He shares what it takes to create effective video content that can scale your business to new heights. He also discusses the importance of good advertising and effective and professional branding. With video marketing and the right advertising strategy, you can attract your target audience and scale your business.  

If you would like to know more about video-targeted marketing strategies and when to implement them to scale your business, this episode is for you.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn about marketing and branding to scale your business.
  2. Discover how video marketing elevates your law firm and can get you more targeted clients. 
  3. Find out how to uses advertising and video marketing content.


  • If you are interested in video marketing for your business, check out David’s website for their services through DMJ Studios or call them at 516-300-1500.
  • To view DMJ Studio’s work with Alan Rothenberg and his team, browse through their website at Injury Lawyer.
  • Connect with David through LinkedIn or his email at [email protected]

Episode Highlights

How David Started in Video Production

  • David had his humble beginnings working for CNN as part of their production crew. He started his profession by learning and training from the best for four years.
  • Working an hourly paying job for a major news channel and freelancing after hours helped David expand his knowledge of video production and editing. 
  • David found working in the news industry fun, and enjoyed delivering breaking news in real-time from the engineering control room. He still finds behind-the-scenes production work enjoyable to this day. 

Getting Started in Non-profits and the Legal Space

  • David became involved in his community through a few non-profit organizations.
  • It is essential for non-profits to form an emotional connection with their audience through good storytelling. 
  • The length of a video will depend on its context. Regardless of a video’s length, the content needs to be entertaining and meaningful. 
  • Homegrown content can work in certain situations. However, if you're looking for high quality video marketing, invest in professionally made video content. 

David’s Experience in Making Content for Law Firms 

  • David’s company has been working with attorney Alan Rothenberg and his legal team at for several years now. 
  • Over the years, they have fine tuned their video marketing and advertising content to suit the law firm’s needs.
  • Video marketing is a powerful medium.

Creating Professional Content for Law Firms 

  • When it comes to making marketing content and strategies, start with the end in mind.
  • Repurposing content for multiple platforms (like Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.) is easy for David’s team because they can repurpose material.

David: “And the important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what field, you have a knowledge base that other people don’t have. So that’s what content marketing is, you want to give away some content so that people know you’re experts and they’ll be engaged with you.”

  • Provide insightful and helpful information that your audience would not know without your industry expertise and insight.
  • You can repurpose content with an in-house digital marketing department or with an outsourced marketing company like David’s. 

Strategies for Posting on Social Media

David: “You have to know your demographics, you have to be able to write headlines that are catchy, you have to do a number of things in order for it to work and marketing is testing.” 

  • David’s clients adopted digital media marketing because the results are easy to track. 
  • Consider where you should be advertising to make the most out of your investment. 

Where to Start in Video Marketing Strategies 

  • Start with a creative brief and plan out your advertising campaign, keeping the end in mind. Ask questions like, “Where are we?” and “Where do we want to go?” 

David: “Number one, advertising takes a lot of wisdom and thought, and it’s always worth to start with this, the end in mind and have a strategy meeting, and do a creative brief, and really figure out who you are, what your brand is, what’s your why, get some information about you.”

  • After working for 25 years in the industry, David is an expert at getting the story out of people. 
  • A story that comes from the heart touches the heart. 
  • Content for law firms can range from videos of law partners to frequently-asked questions to client testimonial videos. 

What is the Life Span of Video Marketing Content? 

  • It takes at least nine times for anyone to see anything. Video content can run longer than you think and remain evergreen to your target audience. 
  • David’s team can create variations of the same content to make it last. However, whatever the content is, it needs to be branded.  
  • The 90s experiment with Plymouth and Mitsubishi proves that marketing makes or breaks any product. 

David: “You could have the best material product, but without the right branding in the marketplace, you could fall off the map very easily.”

Effects of Good Target Marketing on a Law Firm

  • The law firm's branding starts with the logo, design, and target clients. 
  • The more specific you are about your target clients, the more successful you will be in reaching and connecting with them.

David: “People always say, ‘How much does branding cost?’ or ‘How much does a video cost?’ And our the question is, ‘How much do you want to make?’”

  • All the touchpoints in branding are essential to get continuous gigs. A professional look is more likely to retain clients and have an excellent first impression. 
  • Being good in your field and getting referrals will take you to a point. If you want to scale your business and get new clients, having a good online presence and a marketing strategy will change things for your business. 

 Moshe: “You need to do all the things right. You need to be good at what you do. You need to have good customer experiences, you need to have a quality product that you’re delivering in order to now turn on the faucet and deliver even more.”

  • You need to make your business ready and cleared on all fronts before scaling your business through video marketing.  

The Value of a Full Video Implementation Strategy 

  • David shares Rothenberg's production process. He likes to use a diverse group of actors and on-camera conversations.
  • People often have a preconceived negative view of lawyers. David’s team dismissed this notion by showcasing how the law firm has the client’s interest in mind.

The Process of Video Marketing 

  • The first step is to hold a strategy meeting with the client and figure out how you will make the content together.  
  • David recommends a comprehensive approach; the law firm must already have consistent messaging and branding.

David: “We’ll make it happen. We’ll ask all the questions, you can leave the driving to us. But of course, we’re going to get the information from you to know your specialty, and your target audience, and your sweet spot.”

Making the Time for Marketing 

  • Video marketing and advertising teams are specialists, just like lawyers. They know what to do. If you leave it to them, it’ll cost less and you’ll get better results. 
  • Giving them the creative work and all the information they need is enough for David and his team to produce fantastic content for law firms. 

How Much Video Marketing Costs

  • David estimates the cost of marketing to range from $5,000 to $100,000 and above. The price depends on the situation and the client’s needs.
  • It’s not about how much you want to spend on marketing, but how much you want to make from the results. 
  • Having a budget in mind is a good place to start and a good approach for marketing. 
  • The quality of the results will ultimately depend on who you hire.

David: “If you work with a $50 an hour guy, it’s going to take longer and might not come out as good. And if you work with a $250 an hour guy, it’s going to come out better and take shorter because they’re proud. So you usually get what you pay for.” 

The Importance of Investing in Video Marketing 

  • There are many things you can do to scale your business initially. However, as your business grows, you must be proactive in getting clients. Having a winning video strategy is more likely to put you at the front of the line for most clients.
  • You’re as good as your worst bit of advertising. 
  • The process behind hiring a lawyer is the same as hiring the right video or marketing company for your law firm. 

David’s Key Takeaways

  • Branding is important. Maintaining a professional look on your website, in print, and through your copywriting keeps prospective clients engaged with your law firm. 
  • Make sure the marketing gets in the hands of the people who need it. 
  • You need a unified branding strategy to scale your business.  

About David

David Jasse, owner and founder of DMJ Studios, is a video strategist, producer, and director with over 25 years of experience in broadcast television. His filmography includes works with CNN, FOX, CBS, and MTV. Alongside his professional endeavors, his non-profit work with the National Kidney Foundation and Spielberg Foundation has helped raise 100 million dollars.

His work at DMJ Studios has produced quality work as a creative collaborator for many clients and aims to find solutions for their partners’ digital marketing needs. DMJ Studios delivers specialized, branded content to engage their clients’ audience.

If you wish to get in touch with David, you may email him at [email protected] or call DMJ Studios at 516-300-1500. You can also visit his company’s website through

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