How Law Firms Can Effectively Use SEO with Doug Bradley

Doug Bradley, the president and founder of Everest Legal Marketing, joins Moshe Amsel to break down the intricacies of optimizing your marketing budget for immediate returns and long-term growth.


In today's episode, you'll learn why focusing on SEO and Local Services Ads (LSAs) can be a game-changer for your law firm's online presence. Doug brings his expertise to the table, warning that while SEO is a powerful tool, it requires patience and strategic investment, especially in competitive practice areas. He also provides essential advice on when and how to hire an SEO expert, including the importance of evaluating client testimonials, agency track records, and setting clear KPIs.


Moshe and Doug highlight the critical role of content creation, advising on how to manage it effectively based on your involvement preference—whether you want to take complete control or delegate entirely. They also stress the necessity of hiring knowledgeable legal writers who understand SEO guidelines to produce high-quality content.


Tune in as they delve into the strategies and challenges of SEO for law firms, offering actionable insights on maximizing your visibility and finding the right professionals to support your growth. Plus, Moshe offers his own expert tips on choosing and engaging with an SEO vendor, making this episode a must-listen for any law firm owner looking to enhance their marketing efforts. Don't miss out on this valuable discussion—Listen to the full episode now!

Episode Highlights

[00:00] Introduction to Doug Bradley

[06:02] How to Approach SEO as a Small Law Firm

[10:41] Curating Legal Content with Knowledgeable, SEO-Conscious Writers

[16:38] The Cost of SEO

[19:02] Where to Allocate Marketing Budget

[27:37] Evaluating SEO Provider Quality

[34:32] Investing in SEO Grows your Value Over Time

[36:12] Is SEO Worth the Investment?


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About Doug Bradley

Doug is President and Founder of Everest Legal Marketing. His commitment to trust and ethical business practices sets him apart from the unethical practices of some in his industry. He values strong relationships with his clients and strives for excellence in his work.

Connect with Doug Bradley on his Website. You can also follow him on Facebook and X (Twitter).


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