How to Stay True to Your Passion with Jazz Hampton

Many lawyers go to law school with dreams and passions of using their knowledge and expertise to help people and make a difference. Somewhere along the way those dreams tend to fade as people get sucked into the busy corporate lawyer job or law firm owner role.

In this episode, Moshe Amsel interviews Jazz Hampton, who left corporate law to pursue the dreams he had when he was younger. Jazz shares the story behind creating Turn Signl, a revolutionary platform that provides real-time legal guidance to drivers during traffic stops. Turn Signl aims to bridge the gap between drivers and law enforcement, ensuring safety and protection for both parties.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about this innovative platform and how you can pursue your passion of helping others.


Gain confidence and knowledge
Turn Signl provides drivers with real-time legal guidance, directly from an attorney during traffic stops. This fosters confidence and equips drivers with crucial knowledge about their rights. Users can now navigate these encounters with law enforcement with a newfound sense of empowerment, reducing the stress and anxiety often associated with these situations.


Bridge the gap between drivers and law enforcement
Navigating traffic stops with law enforcement can often seem confusing and intimidating. Turn Signl aims to bridge this gap by providing real-time guidance and support from attorneys. This interaction eases the atmosphere, ensures the driver's rights are protected, and promotes safety for both the driver and law enforcement.


Get the support you need
With a subscription plan like that of Netflix, Turn Signl is available for everyone, including low-income individuals who can access it for free through corporate subsidies. This ensures everyone has the right support during a traffic stop, offering a platform that links drivers with professional legal advisors. The platform also provides flexibilities to participating attorneys, allowing them to answer calls based on their availability, ensuring continual support to the drivers.


Episode Highlights

[00:00] Introduction to Jazz Hampton
Jazz Hampton shares how he left his law practice and started Turn Signl, a platform that provides real-time legal guidance to drivers during traffic stops. They discuss the motivation behind starting the platform and its reach and impact so far.

[03:23] What is Turn Signl?
Jazz explains that the attorneys on the Turn Signl platform are there to de-escalate situations and provide guidance to drivers during traffic stops. Moshe and Jazz discuss examples of high-profile cases and emphasize the importance of having legal support during these interactions.

[06:37] Funding and Accessibility
Jazz explains that Turn Signl operates on an annual subscription model, similar to Netflix. He mentions that low-income individuals can access the platform for free, thanks to corporate partnerships. They discuss the accessibility and affordability of the service.

[07:29] Attorneys on the Platform
Jazz describes the types of attorneys on the Turn Signl platform, including those driven by altruism, those looking to build their brand, and those seeking business development opportunities. They highlight the benefits for attorneys, such as expanding their client base.

[09:29] Ensuring Answered Calls
Moshe raises a concern about ensuring that calls are answered by attorneys on the platform. Jazz explains that the platform operates on a gig economy model, where attorneys have the choice to answer calls. He acknowledges that 100% efficacy cannot be guaranteed, but emphasizes the ease of participation for attorneys.

[12:55] Meeting Users' Needs
Turn Signl aims to bridge the gap for users in car accidents who may be too scared or hesitant to handle the situation themselves. This includes parents worried about their children, partners concerned about their significant others, and people of color. The platform provides support and guidance in obtaining insurance information, filing police reports, and more.

[14:03] Further Engagement
Turn Signl ensures that attorneys do not actively seek contact information from drivers during conversations. After the call, drivers have the option to indicate if they would like to further engage with the attorney. If both parties agree, their contact information is exchanged.

[16:04] Personal Injury Attorneys
The majority of attorneys on Turn Signl are personal injury lawyers. However, the platform welcomes attorneys who practice in multiple areas, such as personal injury and criminal law. Multi-state attorneys are particularly valued for their versatility.

[18:01] Expansion and Outreach
At the time of this interview Turn Signl is currently available in 47 states, with Delaware, South Dakota, and North Dakota remaining [now Turn Signl is available in all 50 states]. The platform actively seeks to add more attorneys to ensure all calls are answered promptly. They also encourage multi-state attorneys to join, especially those with expertise in personal injury and criminal law.

[20:46] Making a Difference
Jazz Hampton emphasizes the importance of staying true to one's passion and finding ways to make a positive impact. Whether it's through corporate law or other avenues, there are always opportunities to lend a helping hand.



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Visit the Turn Signl website to learn more about their real-time legal guidance platform for drivers. 


About Jazz Hampton

Jazz is the CEO and General Counsel at TurnSignl. TurnSignl is a Minnesota-based tech company that provides real-time legal guidance from an attorney to drivers, all while their camera records the interaction. Before joining TurnSignl, Hampton was the Director of Diversity and Inclusion and a practicing attorney at Foley & Mansfield, a national law firm with 150+ attorneys, as well as an adjunct professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, an Emerging Leader within Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, and the Co-Chair of DRI’s Young Lawyer Diversity Committee. Among all of this, he is a husband and father of three children.


Connect with Jazz Hampton on Facebook. You can also follow him on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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