Marketing Secrets to Quadruple Your Law Firm Cases with Bo Royal

If you're feeling frustrated with your current marketing efforts, spending money on various tactics without seeing a significant increase in client acquisition or revenue, then you are not alone! It's time to switch things up and explore fresh strategies that can truly elevate your law firm's growth. Let's dive into some game-changing marketing approaches that could transform your business for the better.

In this podcast episode, Moshe Amsel and Bo Royal discuss the simple marketing secrets that will propel the growth of your law firm. From navigating the marketing budget, Google Ads, getting reviews, and conversion rate optimization, Bo covers it all.


Join us for an interview you don’t want to miss!


Episode Highlights

00:00 Introduction to Bo Royal
Bo shares his accidental journey into legal marketing and his motivation to bring digital marketing expertise to the legal space, highlighting his unique experience as a CMO of a large law firm.

06:00 Navigating the Marketing Budget
Moshe and Bo discuss the importance of setting clear growth goals and breaking them down into specific KPIs, emphasizing the need to invest in website, intake, and Google Ads for early-stage firms.

14:23 Alternatives to Google Ads for Competitive Markets
Bo addresses the challenge of competing for Google Ads in busy markets and suggests exploring other advertising options such as social media and interruption-based marketing, considering the difficulty of acquiring customers through educational marketing.

20:29 Free or Low-Cost Marketing Strategies
Bo highlights the importance of setting up a Google Business Profile and obtaining more reviews to increase visibility and differentiate the firm. He also emphasizes the need for mobile-friendly landing pages with multiple contact methods.

25:01 Paid Advertising Channels and Targeting
Bo explains the funnel approach to paid advertising, recommending starting with bottom-of-the-funnel tactics like Google Ads before moving to middle-of-the-funnel channels such as social media advertising. He emphasizes the precision of targeting in each channel.

31:05 Conversion Rate Optimization
Bo emphasizes the iterative and perpetual nature of conversion rate optimization, highlighting the need for clear calls to action, value propositions, and the continual optimization of landing pages to improve conversion rates.



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Pareto Legal


About Bo Royal

Bo is a former Fortune 500 agency executive turned legal marketing expert with over a decade-long track record of scaling online for renowned brands (such as Calvin Klein, GNC & kate spade new york) and large law firms.

7 years ago, Bo left a leadership role at eBay's marketing solutions division to take a new challenge as Chief Marketing Officer for a large law firm in Philadelphia. Within 2 years of joining that firm, the firm's number of cases from marketing quadrupled, and the firm has grown to a consistently high 8-figures in annual revenue since.

Today, Bo is the visionary behind Pareto Legal, a growth marketing agency unique positioned to help small-to-medium sized personal injury firms double or triple their revenues with digital advertising, conversion rate optimization and analytics.


Connect with Bo Royal on his LinkedIn.


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