Maximizing Law Firm Efficiency: Adopting Technology for Profitable Practices with Karen McDonald

In this episode, Moshe Amsel dives deep into the crucial role of technology in law firms with special guest Karen McDonald, founder of Wise Owl Legal Software and Cascade Accounting. Moshe and Karen explore the challenges and benefits of transitioning to paperless processes, the importance of investing in technology for law firm growth, and the significance of understanding return on investment (ROI) when implementing new systems. Listen in as they discuss strategies for leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, automate tasks, and ultimately drive profitability in your legal practice.


Episode Highlights

[00:00] Introduction to Karen McDonald

[09:52] The Importance of Investing in Business Growth

[12:10] Breaking Free from Ineffective Manual Processes

[15:31] The Benefits of Implementing New Technology

[19:01] Embracing Paperless Operations: The Future of Law Firms

[25:27] Embrace Outsourcing for Efficient Technology Adoption

[34:30] Streamlining Billing Processes for Law Firms


Leveraging Technology for Efficiency, Profitability, and Growth


In Episode 433 of the Profit with Law Podcast, host Moshe Amsel interviews Karen McDonald, founder of Wise Owl Legal Software and Cascade Accounting. This engaging episode delves into the importance of optimizing technology in law firms, highlighting the challenges and benefits of going paperless, maximizing billable hours, and calculating return on investment (ROI) for technology investments. Read on to explore key takeaways from their conversation about transforming law practices through technology.

Why Invest in Legal Technology?

The legal industry, traditionally known for its reluctance to embrace technological advancements, has been slowly catching up. Karen emphasizes the critical need for law firms to adopt efficient processes and software, which can significantly reduce administrative burdens and enable lawyers to focus on value-added work. This shift is not merely about keeping up with trends but about optimizing productivity and profit. Karen, with her expertise in practice management software, explains how a lack of vision and a fear of the unknown can hinder firms from advancing technologically.

Moshe, drawing from his background in IT and experience working with law firms, reinforces this viewpoint. He stresses that understanding the ROI when implementing new technologies is essential. By streamlining processes and enhancing customer experiences, firms can achieve substantial gains in both efficiency and client satisfaction.

Overcoming the Challenges of Going Paperless

Transitioning to a paperless environment can be daunting, but Karen passionately advocates for it. She discusses the numerous challenges law firms face, such as resistance to change due to fear, lack of time, and perceived implementation costs. However, the benefits of going paperless are undeniable. Karen notes that adopting paperless processes not only saves physical storage space but also significantly enhances document management, retrieval times, and overall efficiency.

Moshe highlights the potential for further operational enhancements for firms already operating in a paperless environment. He encourages law firm owners to continue seeking opportunities to streamline their workflows and adopt new technologies that can offer even greater efficiencies.

Calculating ROI: Making Informed Investments

One of the key discussions in this episode involves helping clients calculate the ROI for technology investments. Moshe asks Karen about tools and methods for measuring these benefits, and Karen introduces the cost interruption calculator available on their website. This tool helps firms measure productivity and profit gains, offering a clear picture of how technology can translate into time and cost savings.

With technology that automates billing and time recording, lawyers can gain extra billable hours, Karen explains. By leveraging these tools, firms can save significant amounts of time, which directly translates to increased profitability. Karen's practical approach shines through as she advises firms to embrace these advancements to achieve both cost savings and higher revenue.

The Importance of Comprehensive Training

Both Karen and Moshe underscore the importance of comprehensive training when adopting new technology. The role of leadership in mandating and coordinating such training is crucial to avoid inefficiency and non-usage of new systems. Karen stresses that investing in training ensures that staff are well-equipped to utilize new technologies effectively, thereby maximizing the ROI of these investments.

Further, Karen recommends seeking expert help when adopting new technology. Outsourcing certain tasks to those with specialized expertise can alleviate the learning curve and ensure a smoother transition. Moshe concurs, advocating for law firm owners to not only invest in technology but also in marketing to achieve growth.

Karen's Journey and Wise Owl Legal

Moshe also delves into Karen’s journey, which began with working in accounting firms and eventually transitioning to legal practice management software. Her unique background gives her a deep understanding of the needs of law firms, allowing her to develop solutions that directly address their pain points.

Her company, Wise Owl Legal, specializes in providing practice management software that integrates seamlessly into law firms, enhancing efficiency and workflow. Karen's expertise is underscored by her anecdotal experiences with clients, highlighting the tangible benefits that innovative software solutions can bring to the legal industry.


Empowering law firms with technology is no longer optional but a necessity in today's digital age. The insightful conversation between Moshe Amsel and Karen McDonald in this episode of the Profit with Law Podcast highlights the critical need for law firms to embrace technology to optimize processes, enhance client satisfaction, and ensure profitability. By addressing the challenges of going paperless, providing tools to calculate ROI, and stressing the importance of comprehensive training, Karen and Moshe offer a roadmap for law firms to navigate their technological transformation.

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About Karen McDonald

Karen is the founder of Wise Owl Legal Software and Cascade Accounting. She is an expert on how law firms should be embracing tech solutions to get back their time - which we know, for lawyers, is very valuable.


Connect with Karen McDonald on her Website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram and  LinkedIn.


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