Overcoming Burnout: Strategies for Restoring Energy and Productivity with Tanessa Shears

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2023

You've got eight solid hours of sleep, yet you don't feel rested. As entrepreneurs or law firm owners, getting enough sleep is critical to ensuring your business succeeds. But there's more to sleep than hopping into bed and closing your eyes. You need better sleep quality — which means having phases of deep and dream sleep and sleeping longer.

On this episode of Profit with Law, Tanessa Shears, a health consultant and kinesiologist, shares the role of good-quality sleep in optimizing productivity, resiliency, and focus for entrepreneurs. Tanessa explains various strategies to improve sleep and optimize sleep opportunities, including home redecoration and dieting tips. The episode delves into the science of sleep, the benefits, and the consequences of neglecting it. Tune in to hear the eye-opening conversation on how entrepreneurs can leverage dream sleep to scale their businesses and lead fulfilling lives.

If you're a tired entrepreneur who never feels rested even after a full night's rest, it's time to improve your deep and dream sleep phases. This episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Learn how your sleep is more than just closing your eyes in bed: there are deep and dream sleep phases.
  2. Find out how sleep affects your brain.
  3. Understand the relationship between your sleep and your business.


Episode Highlights

[05:01] Sleep: Its Importance and Effects on Life

  • Tanessa Shears started as a personal trainer but moved to helping entrepreneurs with sleep and rest.

[06:39] Moshe: "As a business owner, it really affects our performance, right? It affects our ability to be able to focus, concentrate, deal with others, have patience when it comes to others."

  • Lack of deep and dream sleep can directly affect a person’s mental and emotional state.
  • Insufficient deep and dream sleep impairs your performance, especially in critical thinking and emotional stability.

[08:11] Tanessa:  "I often find that that is a lot of what is happening because our brain has not showed up to the day optimized and restored from the day's activities before."

[11:13] Deep and Dream Sleep for Entrepreneurs

  • Quality sleep is essential for physical restoration. It also helps maintain brain health, improves problem-solving skills, and benefits a person's ability to interact socially.
  • There’s a direct relationship between an entrepreneur’s sleep and the longevity of their business.

[11:50] Tanessa: "So having that deep sleep keeps our brain sharp long-term. So if we're looking at the longevity of our business, we want to protect the quality of our brain now so that we don't end up in that predicament on the other end of the night."

  • Deep sleep is when our bodies physically restore themselves and clears out harmful substances in the brain.
  • Dream sleep benefits creativity and problem-solving. It’s also when REM sleep occurs, which affects emotional stability and the ability to read nonverbal cues.

[17:37] Snoring Linked to Impaired Cognitive Performance

  • Snoring is a product of several factors. It may indicate things like sleep apnea, bad sleep position, or even a bad diet.
  • Snoring is also typically associated with mouth breathing while asleep. Mouth breathing has been linked to brain fog and impaired cognitive performance.

[18:05] Tanessa: "When someone is snoring, they're usually breathing in through their mouth, right? And mouth breathing has been shown to cause brain fog and impaired cognitive performance during the day."

  • Mouth taping may help alleviate snoring and train a person to breathe better while asleep.

[20:15] Improve Your Sleep Quality With These Tips

  • As entrepreneurs, we must improve sleep quality, time, and opportunity.

[25:11] Tanessa: "If you remove food, the quality of sleep is better. There are reduced number of wake-ups. It is just a much more cohesive sleep."

  • Listen to the full episode for tips from Tanessa Shear on sleeping better.
  • It’s possible to optimize sleep even further using monitoring devices that track our bodies.

[27:47] Tanessa: "Even though we can fall asleep, it doesn't mean it doesn't affect what we call the architecture of your sleep... caffeine directly prevents us from being able to get that deep sleep as long as the caffeine is in our system."

About Tanessa

Tanessa Shears is a Kinesiologist, Certified Sleep Science Coach, and health consultant who helps entrepreneurs optimize their health, focus and productivity through wearable technology, science-based strategies & biohacking. She works closely with business owners to implement effective sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress resiliency strategies to eliminate brain fog and improve their overall well-being. Utilizing wearable technology and coaching, Tanessa helps optimize the performance capacity of her clients' bodies and brains, allowing them to produce more impactful work output and scale their businesses faster. Tanessa is also the host of The Becoming Limitless Podcast, sharing her expertise on optimizing health and productivity for business success.

Connect with Tanessa on her website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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