Tell Your Story: How to Grow Your Practice Through Law Firm Marketing with Nancy O’Hare-Zika

You might feel like you have mastered the art of presenting your clients' cases in court. But when it comes to marketing your law firm and expanding your business, many law firm owners still struggle. Here's a tip: you have to tell your story.

To make sure that your legal practice stands out from the competition and attracts more than just local notoriety, tell your story! Law firm marketing isn’t only about promoting yourself as an attorney; it requires devising a comprehensive strategy to bring new clients in through various methods. With the right plan of action comes brand recognition and growth for your practice.

In this episode, Nancy O'Hare-Zika joins us to explain why you should tell your story to boost your visibility. She also shares different marketing tips and strategies to excel at law firm marketing.

If you’re struggling with getting your law firm out there, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Learn to tell your story and create marketing content that will hook your target audience.
  2. Discover actionable tips and strategies to create a powerful and effective marketing strategy for your law firm.
  3. Understand the importance of investing in marketing.


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Episode Highlights

Nancy’s Journey

  • Nancy started by helping her friend with a branding campaign.
  • From there, she started helping people make that style of branding commercial and grew her business through word of mouth.
  • Law needs assistance with marketing the most.

How to Catch Attention and Hit Bullseye

  • Every area of law will have a different marketing strategy. 
  • There’s a level of marketing for every budget, but you’ll need money to sit at the table.

Nancy: “If you don’t have enough money to sit at the broadcast television table, and you’re in Atlanta, Georgia, for example, that’s okay. There’s other tables you can sit at that you can afford to play the game at.”

  • Have video content to tell your story on your website.
  • Attorneys must be able to invest and tell their story. Their personal brand is how people can relate to them and know when to call them for help.

The Marketing Value of Community Engagement

  • Getting involved in the community is social media gold.
  • Purchase $3,000 worth of reusable water bottles, label them with your brand, donate them to a local high school, and allow them to sell the bottles at concession stands.
  • Partner with a humane society.

Nancy: “Find something not being done in your community and stick your name to it. I’ll tell you: in three, four years, it’s going to be running itself and your name will be forever tied to that.”

How to Start B2B Marketing

  • Come up with something creative and unique.
  • Micro-target your audience.
  • Marketing strategy depends on the type of law you practice and your target audience.
  • Well-executed marketing should show you an ROI in approximately 90 days.

Creating Marketing Content

  • Nobody starts with broadcast.
  • Start with social media programs, paid ads, some digital, and SEO pay-per-click.

Nancy: “You don’t have to start with that high of a level. Not everyone needs cameras and grip trucks and ‘lights, camera, action’.”

  • Record videos you can use on your own social media page.
  • As your brand grows and you continue to tell your story, every platform that comes next will have an easier time gaining traction.
  • Delegate marketing tasks.

Moshe: “You have to delegate as much as possible because you are a law firm owner. If you’re going to step into the ownership level of your firm, it’s not going to be by being a video editor.”

Nancy: “Allow yourself to work on your business, not in your business.”

Know Your Numbers

  • If you're in growth mode, 5 to 7% is a healthy marketing budget — even up to 15%.
  • Determine what it will take to achieve your goal, and then base your decisions on those facts.
  • 90 days is the baseline for a marketing campaign.
  • Avoid checking your numbers daily.

Nancy: “Sometimes it’s better just to let it simmer and peek at it every other week, and have a standing meeting with your agency to talk through and have them explain how things are going.”

Why You Should Invest in Marketing

  • Tell your story — it’s how people will relate to you and understand that you can help them.

Nancy: “You have a story to tell. Your firm has a story to tell. It is your job to tell that story. Because if you don’t tell it, someone else will.”

  • Invest money, time, and energy in telling your story well.
  • Proper marketing will also help you grow your bottom line.

About Nancy

Nancy O’Hare-Zika is the owner of Gavel Marketing & Yellow Dog Creative. Launched on the shores of Lake Superior in Upper Michigan, Gavel pulls from years of brand-focused marketing expertise to help law firms successfully tell their stories.

Gavel Marketing's team of experts is prepared to fulfill varopis roles depending on their clients' needs. From launching large-scale, multiplatform marketing campaigns to managing daily social media presence, there's no job too big or too small for the Gavel team. They will focus on representing you so you can focus on representing your clients.

Connect with Nancy on LinkedIn or visit her website.

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