The Caveman Brain Approach to Sales: Dr. Jean Oursler Reveals the Key to Success

Have you ever heard these myths about sales and new business development as a lawyer?

Myth #1: Lawyers don't need to sell, their work speaks for itself. Myth #2: Sales is pushy and manipulative, lawyers should focus on their expertise. Myth #3: Lawyers are not natural salespeople, it's a skill you either have or you don't.

In this episode, our guest Dr. Jean Oursler will debunk these myths and share the truth about overcoming mindset barriers in sales to increase confidence and success.

Building relationships and making connections is second nature to lawyers. By leveraging their strong interpersonal skills and focusing on attracting potential clients, lawyers can redefine their approach to sales and achieve remarkable results. - Dr. Jean Oursler

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unlock untapped potential in your law firm by optimizing business performance.
  • Overcome mindset barriers to sales and achieve unprecedented levels of success.
  • Identify your ideal target clients for maximum profitability and satisfaction.
  • Discover effective marketing attraction vehicles that will keep clients coming to you.
  • Streamline your law firm by outsourcing non-core tasks and maximizing productivity.

Dr. Jean Oursler, known as the Results Queen, is a business psychologist with a passion for helping lawyers overcome their mindset barriers in sales. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by attorneys in developing new business, Dr. Jean believes that lawyers already possess the necessary skills to attract clients—they just need to shift their mindset. By addressing the caveman brain, which is driven by fear and self-doubt, she helps lawyers embrace a new approach to sales that is ethical, authentic, and effective. Dr. Jean's Caveman Brain Business Growth System focuses on four key phases: alignment, accountability, expansion, and mind junk. Through this system, she empowers lawyers to identify their ideal target clients, make time for business development, and streamline their processes. By incorporating marketing attraction vehicles such as speaking engagements, networking, and social media, Dr. Jean guides lawyers towards achieving unprecedented levels of success in their law firms. With her expertise and practical strategies, she is dedicated to transforming the sales mindset of lawyers and helping them thrive in their legal careers.

Unlocking Law Firm Success
Understanding one's caveman brain and adopting a fresh mindset can unlock unprecedented success in law firms. Profound levels of performance can be achieved when lawyers shift their perspective towards new business development, viewing it as an extension of their strong relationship-building skills. By strategizing and nurturing this ability, they can not only excel at their profession but grow their firm significantly.

Break Through Sales Barriers
Negative beliefs and self-talk often serve as barriers to an attorney’s success in generating new business opportunities. Dr. Jean educates lawyers on the importance of mindset change, reminding them that this change can open new doors for firm growth. By understanding their so-called 'Caveman Brain,' lawyers can overcome their inertia and navigate the terrain of new business development with greater confidence and determination.

Attracting Ideal Target Clients
Attracting the ideal target clients requires clarity on who they are and the best strategies to engage them. Dr. Jean provides guidance on how lawyers can move beyond just their law school connections, urging them to become marketing experts for broader outreach. By adopting various market attraction vehicles, lawyers can draw in potential clients strategically instead of pursuing them aggressively, fostering stronger and more sustainable business relationships.

Episode Highlights
[00:00] Introduction to Dr. Jean Oursler
Dr. Jean Oursler is introduced as a top-rated speaker, business performance coach, and creator of Caveman Brain. She helps lawyers overcome their mind trash around sales and develop effective business development skills.

[03:03] Caveman Brain and EOS
Dr. Jean explains that Caveman Brain focuses on changing lawyers' mindset around sales, while EOS helps structure their law firms. By combining the two approaches, lawyers can excel in both business development and running their firms.

[06:04] Building Relationships for Business Development
Dr. Jean emphasizes the importance of building relationships with other attorneys and centers of influence. Lawyers have the skills to read people and make connections, but they need guidance in identifying potential clients and attracting them through market attraction vehicles.

[08:38] The Caveman Brain Business Growth System
Dr. Jean introduces the four phases of the Caveman Brain business growth system: alignment, accountability, expansion, and mind junk. Each phase helps lawyers develop a clear target client, stay accountable in their business development efforts, become more efficient, and navigate through challenges.

[14:53] The Intersection of Caveman Brain and EOS
Dr. Jean explains how EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a simple framework that helps people who have never been trained to run a company effectively manage their businesses. However, there are some gaps in EOS, particularly in the areas of finances, marketing, sales, technology, and human resources, which can be outsourced or managed by specialized professionals.

[18:41] Marketing Attraction Vehicles
Marketing Attraction Vehicles are various marketing activities that can attract the ideal target client to a business. Examples include golfing for business development, podcasting, blogging, social media, networking, and speaking engagements. Knowing the ideal target client and utilizing these vehicles can help fill the sales funnel and nurture potential clients into actual clients.

[20:35] Digital Marketing Challenges for Law Firms
Digital marketing can be challenging for smaller law firms due to budget constraints and the need for testing and iteration. Instead of relying solely on digital marketing, it's beneficial for law firms to explore other marketing strategies and activities that align with their target audience.


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About Dr. Jean Oursler

Dr. Jean is a Ph.D. in Business Psychology, Dr. Jean is a top-rated speaker, a world-class business performance coach, the creator of Caveman Brain® and an EOS Implementer®. 

Dr. Jean’s clients call her The Results Queen® because she is about getting unprecedented results that creates and maintains unprecedented levels of performance. Dr. Jean uses her mission, “To Leave You Better, Than I Found You”, to help everyone understand what your Caveman Brain is so you can prevent it from holding you back and use it to propel you forward.

Connect with Dr. Jean on her Website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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