The Firm Differentiator 10x System

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2019

Every day, you get up early and put your heart and soul into your firm. You are the last one to leave each day and you sacrifice time with your family to try to make a difference.

You’re not unsuccessful, to the contrary, your peers think you’ve got it all figured out. However, you know the truth: the reason you started your law firm is not the result you are living today.

For some, the firm was intended to be a better financial opportunity than employment as a lawyer. Others wanted time freedom and hoped the firm would allow for that to happen. While the real dreamers, wanted to impact the world in a massive way.

Why is it that you have not been able to achieve financial or time freedom? Why has your impact on others been so small that you don’t see it?

The problem is you need to decide your identity. Are you a world-renowned attorney or are you a world-renowned CEO of a top notch firm? If your dream is of more time, money or to have a bigger impact then the answer should be a word-renowned CEO of a top notch firm..

The problem is there is only so much you can accomplish as a solo practitioner. In order to be a successful CEO you have to start delegating the work. You shouldn't be doing the busy work when you're needed for the more important work that will make a difference. Now how do you go about becoming a successful CEO and growing your business? I have created The Firm Differentiator 10x system and following the basic guidelines of this system will transform your law firm.


The Firm Differentiator 10x system

This system is designed to differentiate your firm from the rest of the legal landscape. It is designed to condition you to question every belief you’ve been led to accept as truth about the business of law. Differentiation, makes you stand out. When you stand out, you get attention. When you get attention, people know about you and learn the message you have to share.

This system consists of 3 pillars:

  1. The Differentiator
  2. The System
  3. The Transformation


The Differentiator

There is great power in being different.

What makes your firm different?

Choosing just one service will achieve this and the benefits are outstanding. You may be wary of turning down offers, but let me explain how it will be life altering for your firm.

  • You’ll become known as the go to lawyer of that service
  • Your former competition will now become your referral partners
  • You will become efficient in that service thereby allowing you to create a system, which leads us to the next pillar


The System

Now that you just have one service you can create an assembly line of some sorts and specific systems for that service. You can automate the tasks involved and train your staff more easily.Your staff will become familiar and proficient with delivering that service. You will also greatly reduce the amount of time it will take.

By selecting one service to offer, you are in the unique position to raise the price of the service while simultaneously decreasing the cost of deliverability of that same service.


The Transformation

It’s all about the mindset. Your mind controls how successful you can be. Deep down, you already know that you could grow your firm to $1 million and beyond, however, many of you reading this never will. Why?

It’s simple, there are beliefs that you have about something you accept as true that really is not true. However, holding onto that belief prevents you from taking the next step. To overcome these beliefs and begin to unravel them requires a transformation. A transformation in the way we see things. A transformation in the way we value the services we provide. A transformation in the way we approach our work every day.


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