The Key to Boosting Your Firm’s Intake Conversion with Philip Fairley

Law firms of every size often need help with lead generation and conversion. Why? The phone is ringing, your receptionist is talking, and you're sending emails. So what's going on? What are lawyers doing wrong when it comes to marketing a law firm?

In this episode of Profit with Law, Philip Fairley joins us to discuss marketing a law firm — and you can use his methods for any business. Follow his journey as a business person in the tech and legal industry. Discover the necessities for marketing your services.   

Tune in to learn what too many law firm owners miss when marketing a law firm.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Learn about marketing a law firm when no one wants to read.
  2. Discover what you should really be looking at when it comes to leads, intake, and sales.
  3. Find out the how-tos of law firm digital marketing.


Episode Highlights

The Life Story of Philip Fairley

  • Philip entered the business world as an owner at 25 years old with a desire to innovate and blaze his own trail. 
  • He saw an opportunity in the booming tech industry, and his business gravitated towards technology services in the legal space.
  • Steven Fairley, Philip's brother, had cancer. Steven was a prominent figure in the legal marketing space at the time with his business Rainmaker Institute.
  • Philip's family sold their house and his businesses to relocate to Phoenix, where they could be with his brother. 
  • Philip started working at Rainmaker in the lead conversion department. When his brother Steven passed away, he took over ownership of the company. 

Philip: “There was a path that was opened up, and I didn't know what the journey would be. I just knew what the next step was. And so just by faith took that first step. And that first step was coming down here to take care of my brother.”

Building Upon the Legacy of Rainmaker

Philip: “Taking on Rainmaker, coming from my technology background, I just saw some really big opportunities. Some of those opportunities started with our software platform. We were beholden to our vendor. So I said, ‘we're going to create our own to future proof our firm and our clients.’”

  • Philip began innovating legal marketing services by leveraging his knowledge of technology and its trends. 
  • The Rainmaker Institute provides marketing analysis with advanced statistics and information-gathering technology. 
  • They also help attorneys create content to build their brand and convert leads into clients.  
  • The business continues to build upon the foundations of Steven Fairley's success. Philip modernized it to follow updated trends and strategies.  

Marketing a Law Firm: Spending Money to Make Money

  • Many lawyers, especially the ones in smaller firms, don't want to spend too much money on marketing. But spending on marketing is a necessity.  

Moshe: “If you want to operate at that level, you need to spend at that level.”

  • Hiring the right marketing agency means being educated on the math, understanding strategy options, and having more time to focus on legal work.   

Philip: “Our approach has always been to educate. We have these Rainmaker retreats, boot camps, two-day high-intensive classroom settings. No tchotchkes, none of that. No pitches.”

  • Smaller businesses can use simple marketing plans that don't require too much time or money. 

The Value of Having a Lead Intake Specialist

  • The job of an intake specialist is to convert leads into clients. They create your first impression and are the core of turning leads into profits.

Philp: “You can bring the leads to the table. But if you don't convert those leads, your marketing is always going to cost you two times more.”

  • A good first impression and positive customer experience is the key to gaining new clients. Hire someone who is an expert at communication and sales.   

Moshe: “How many times have you gone into a dealership and said, well, my experience in here sucked. So when I do go buy, even if it's going to the dealership, even if I'm buying a Toyota, I'm gonna go to a different Toyota dealership to buy.”

  • Understand that your customers have a journey. Their journey will determine whether they become clients. 

Funneling Clients to Unlock Peak Profitability

Moshe: “You're supposed to lose people along the way. And if you're not losing people along the way, you're probably not capturing the right number of people at the top to lose along the way.”

  • Not all people are going to book and show up to a consult.
  • Only some of them will buy your service. 
  • Increasing the number of people showing up to a consult can help boost your profits. 

Updated Techniques for Marketing a Law Firm

  • Society is trending toward short-form content, especially video.

Philip: “I have never seen a piece of seven inch plastic and glass and rubber be able to bring the sharpest, the smartest, the most intelligent, successful attorney or business owner to their knees quicker than a cell phone that's been turned around with the record button on a video.”

  • Simple recorded videos with some professional editing can boost brand image quickly. It is low-hanging fruit that smaller scaled firms can utilize. 
  • Easy content is taking trending news and applying legal expertise to it.
  • Building an online social brand requires consistency.

Moshe:  “Consistency feeds the people who are looking at and watching your stuff.”

About Philip

Philip Fairley is the President and owner of The Rainmaker Institute, the nation’s largest law firm marketing company that focuses exclusively on client generation, lead conversion, and data analytics. During his time at Rainmaker, he co-developed Turbine®: the only software platform that automates the intake process and Rainalytics®: the only tool which automatically measures all law firm data.

Philip holds degrees from Northwestern University, Wheaton College, and Keller Graduate School, is a NCAA Division I National Debate Champion, and is a recognized expert on intake, lead conversion, legal tech and innovative marketing. His and Rainmaker’s expertise have been noted and quoted in the American Bar Association’s Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fortune Small Business, Harvard Management Update, Business Advisor, the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business, and Attorney at Law magazines.

Prior to owning Rainmaker, he was the founder and CEO of two successful companies that specialized in the legal tech, cyber security, and communications. 

He is married with three children and enjoys the Arizona lifestyle, mountain biking and coaching youth sports.

Rainmaker has helped over 20,000 attorneys and law firms grow their business by learning and implementing our proven marketing and intake strategies.


If you want to get in touch with Philip, you can connect with him through LinkedIn

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