The Truth on How to be Successful in Life with David Neagle

From a young age, we’re taught that we should make as few mistakes as possible. This sets the tone for our perspective and mindset throughout adulthood, hindering us from reaching our goals. How do we shift this mindset? Today’s guest teaches us how to look at ourselves, understand the cause of our actions, and what we can do about it.

In this week’s episode, David Neagle, a well-recognized life coach and mentor, joins us to talk about his personal success story. David is someone who quit high school, but changed his attitude and tripled his income in a month. David also discusses the pitfalls of an individualistic mindset and emphasizes the importance of giving up control in building confidence and self-esteem.

If you want to discover how to be successful in your life, then tune in to this episode!

Why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn the three things David changed in himself that led him to success.

  2. Discover how success is actually learned and how you can teach it to yourself.

  3. Find out how intelligent people set themselves up to fail and how you can combat that.


How to be Successful in Life

The Beginning of David's Journey 

  • Because his parents split up when he was young, David Neagle often found himself alone and wanted to escape his environment. 

  • David quit high school and entered the military. He later got married and worked as a forklift driver.

  • David could not pay his family’s bills, and he became increasingly angry with his situation. One night, he broke down and asked God to show him what to do.

  • A voice in his head told him to change his attitude. David had no idea what that meant, but it snapped him out of his emotions.

    David looked at his boss. This person was not highly educated, but he was successful. He set out to learn how to be successful in his life, too.

Three Things to Change in Your Attitude

  • First, you have to love what you do.

  • You also have to do every job to the best of your ability.

  • Lastly, respect people for who they are. 

Moshe: How you treat others and how you approach life gets reflected back to you.”

  • When David did these things, he was surprised to find that his income tripled after 30 days.

    Seven years later, David started his own business to teach others how to be successful in life. He began with seminars and later branched out to coaching.

Getting Out of the Survival Mode

  • The average person is only taught how to survive in the world.

  • They’re not taught how to be successful.

  • If your approach when you get into something doesn't involve success, you’ll get stuck. You’re in survival or reactionary mode.

Finding Business Success

  • Professionals like doctors and lawyers are taught how to be successful in their careers, but not in business.  

  • You have to understand the values, ethics, and functions of a business to move from survival to success. 

  • There’s a reason why 80% of businesses fail within five years.

The Individualistic Mindset

David Neagle: “People are raised with this work ethic idea that they need to do it themselves. There’s almost this warped pride…when you and I both know [that] nobody ever achieves anything by themselves.”

In life, there is no way for us to accomplish what we want, including getting the income we desire, by ourselves.

  • The more money you make, the easier it is to do things by yourself. That’s because you’re able to leverage knowledge, systems, and ideas.
  • We find it hard to let go of control and let someone else do something for us because it might jeopardize our survival. 

To be successful in life, we need to go against this basic instinct. 

Trusting Ourselves

  • When learning how to be successful, the first thing a person has to do is admit that they have a problem.

  • If a person has difficulty letting go of control, that person also has difficulty with trust.

“Trust always starts with ourselves. Do we trust [ourselves] to follow through with the things that we said we were actually going to do?”

  • He believes that we raise children with shame and guilt to control their behavior. 

David Neagle: “We develop patterns of behavior that allow us to survive our childhood, but they’re rooted in survival. It’s not rooted in success.”

  • When you move into adulthood with these survival patterns, you lose trust in the people around you. If you fail, you lose faith in yourself, and your instinct is to crave more control.

     The key is to learn to trust ourselves. Doing so allows us to trust other people in life.

David: “There is no more feeling of self-confidence and control that a person can experience [than] to have a real valid way of knowing whether they can actually trust somebody else.”

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • We teach children that mistakes are not okay, but that shouldn’t be the case.

David: “If I want to build a solid self-esteem, it’s not so much about other people telling me that I’ve done a good job, but it’s me actually being able to look at the different points of growth that I have to go through.”

  • Mistakes are a part of life. Don’t tear yourself down because of it. Instead, recognize it, own it, and correct it to achieve a good result.

  • If you are experiencing the same problems over and over again, you may be seeing the world through a flawed paradigm.

  • When you identify what’s causing you to see it that way, you can change it and stop repeating those problems.

  • Anger is a defense mechanism that we developed to make it through life.

The Truth About Success

David: “Success is our birthright; we’re born to be successful…so when we’re not being successful, something is wrong.”

  • Success is not difficult when you understand how to think successfully.
  • Life's difficulties and struggles only happen in one place: our mind.
  • Treat your business as an experiment. Scientists don’t get upset when their experiments fail.
  • Everything is a learning experience. Think of failure as a data point. 

Parting Advice

  • Ask yourself what you want out of life.

  • Be selfish and permit yourself to want it.

  • Are you working because somebody else wants you to or because it’s expected of you?

About David, Success Coach

David Neagle is the founder of the multi-million dollar global coaching company Life is Now. They help thousands of entrepreneurs, experts, and self-employed professionals gain the confidence and find the right mindset to turn their endeavors into seven- and eight-figure ventures.

David has 20 years of coaching experience. He has worked alongside other recognized mentors like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins. David's clients include many well-known people, including New York Times number one bestselling author Jen Sincero. David’s coaching has since expanded to more than 30 countries.

He has been featured on Forbes, CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Fox. David Neagle is also the bestselling author of The Millions Within. This book focuses on how to be successful by having intention, focus, and awareness in life.

To learn more about David’s work, you may check out his website and The Successful Mind podcast

You can also connect with David on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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