Can You See Yourself As The Successful Law Firm Owner? with Wendy Witt

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020

Professional athletes and Olympic medalists spend time visualizing themselves finishing the race in the first place, they visualize receiving the Gold Medal, they get present to their feelings at that time, the sounds and smells around them. They create that future moment for themselves and then because of that is able to step into those shoes and become that person.

In this interview with Wendy Witt a Law Firm Business Strategist and Founding Owner of Million Dollar Attorney we discuss this idea of visualization and how it can translate to a practice that will ultimately drive your success.

We also cover a number of other interesting points some of which are listed below:

  • Fear
  • Positive and Confident Mindset
  • Reducing stress and simplifying your life
  • Living and being in the state where you want to go
  • How do you view money
  • What does success and happiness mean to you
  • What is your purpose of life
  • Visualizing yourself in the moment of success

Resources mentioned:

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