Celebrating Episode 300 with Podcast Listener Questions

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2022

For the 300th episode, Moshe celebrates by answering questions from our listeners:

5:34 Barbara: If you have a small solo PI Law firm with a Marketing Budget of $2,000/month, what marketing channels would you suggest for such a small budget?
18:20 Beverly: What was your favorite episode you shot out of the 300?
23:46 Bob: How does one get free life without burnout?
28:59 Mc’Maclon: What are the secrets of becoming a solopreneur?
33:15 Eric: With inflation as high as it is, how do we make sure our rates are competitive, fair, and aligned to what the market is?

Resources mentioned:


Episode 49 - Getting Over 1,000 Google Reviews with Sam Mollaei - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/049


Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss https://www.profitwithlaw.com/4HourWorkweek

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