Everybody Needs To Eat Lunch with Jordan Ostroff

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020

Marketing is an art and a science and many firm owners want help with their marketing. In today’s interview, we cover a variety of marketing topics including the importance of having a system to track and automate the process, knowing your metrics and good old networking.

Jordan Ostroff is a law firm owner and also the owner of LegalEase Marketing a marketing agency for law firm owners. Moshe and Jordan have a light and fun conversation around different marketing strategies including what someone early in the firm growth journey should do as well as a firm with $5,000 or $50,000 to spend each month.


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Time (EST)



12:00 PM

Serving Clients While Social Distancing


1:00 PM

Managing Stress and Staying Positive


1:00 PM

Marketing Strategies To Put You Ahead


4:00 PM

Employees - How to Keep Them


11:00 AM

Working from Home with Kids


12:00 PM

Tools and Technology For Law Firm Survival


1:00 PM

Managing a Cash Crunch


11:00 AM

Getting New Clients Today


10:30 AM

Projects You've Always Wanted to Get To


1:00 PM

Staying Healthy and Performing Self-Care

LegalEase Marketing - https://www.legaleasemarketing.com/


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