Imagine Your Future Self

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2019

What is it that You want?

Picture your life down the road in 10-20 years from now. Where do you see yourself in life? Where do you see your firm? What do you want to have accomplished by then?

Without knowing where you’re going, you’ll have a tough time making decisions and you’ll end up making ones that contradict each other. When you know where you’re heading, that vision will make your decisions clearer.

Take the time to clear your head and really envision where you want to end up in life. 

Do you want:

  • To be a public figure?
  • To be behind the scenes?
  • To change the world with your time or money?
  • To spend time with your kids?
  • To just sit back, relax and reap the benefits of your work?


When you do this exercise for your firm, you can take it one step further.

  1. Take a sheet of paper
  2. Draw a line across the top and another across the bottom to create a header and footer
  3. Envision your firm in the future and decide what you want your annual revenue to be
  4. Take that number and write it in the top section
  5. In the body of the page write down every service and offer you’ll provide for your customers. It can be something you don’t have yet, but would like to have in the future. Along with that write down the prices for each item. Once you add that up, it should total the number on the top of the page. If it doesn’t, keep brainstorming and come up with more offers or higher prices.
  6. Number the items in order of when each one will be introduced to your firm.

Now that you have this list you can use it as a guide to where you need to be and what decisions you need to make along the way.


Knowing What You Want Tomorrow Makes Today’s Decisions Clear



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