Living Your Legacy Today Instead of Someday

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2021

A little over 2 weeks ago, we were dispatched to what turned out to be the worst fire I have ever seen. It was an adult living facility with capacity for close to 200 residents and it was an old structure built in the early 1900s completely out of wood.

Within minutes the fire had spread and the facility was overcome with flames and smoke.

One of the firefighters got caught in a flashover and called out a Mayday over the radio.

The minutes that followed were awful as we were left to wonder what the fate would be for our fellow first responder.

Ultimately, we learned that Firefighter Jared Lloyd had given his life saving dozens of lives. He had gone back into the building several times, each time emerging with more residents that he saved. At 35, he left behind 2 beautiful young children.

However, he died performing his mission and he left behind the legacy he intended for his children.

Every day, especially the last year, we are reminded over and over again how short life is and how precious our moments are.

In this episode, Moshe reflects on life’s purpose, identifying your legacy and living it every day.

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