Stop Wasting Time Chasing Down New Leads with Kara Prior

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020

You’re probably tired of constantly trying to get more leads and spending too much time and money on your marketing. In this episode Moshe Amsel interviews Kara Prior, co-founder of James Publishing’s Marketing Amplifier campaign automation software. Kara Prior gives us a new and enlightening approach to marketing. Instead of focusing on new leads, Kara teaches us how to convert the leads we already have. Why target a cold audience when you can allocate your resources to converting your warm audience?

Resources mentioned:


Episode 142 - Repeatable and Scalable Growth Using 7 Sales Steps with Maddy Martin -


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Email - [email protected]

Phone number - +1 (714) 434-5926 use code PROFITLAW100 to get 14 days up to 20 calls or chats, CRM Integration, AI Chatbot with White Glove setup and $100 off your first month


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