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Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

How do you hire that first employee when you just start? First make sure you’re not starting your own law firm right out of law school. So far all you’ve done is read books. You need to actually practice law before you open your own firm. Start off working for someone and by a year or two you’ll have enough experience and you’ll have built up a good client base. This way you already start off with clients. Once you start your law firm you should hire someone (as long as you can afford it), so that the customer service level is maintained at what your clients are used to.

Although lawyers see hiring employees as an expense, it’s really a necessary investment. You should really hire your first employee as soon as possible because it’s just not feasible to get everything done when you are doing everything on your own.

It’s not even like you have to lay out a lot of money right then and there. You’re paying your employee in bite size pieces. Plus you hired them to help you make more money, so you’re not really losing out. You have to get over the fear of using up your money and worst case scenario if it doesn’t work out you can always fire them.

If you create a situation where there’s a need for more clients, those clients will almost automatically just fill the gap.

When it comes to cash flow, map out all the expenses and how long it will take to make the money back. You need a plan on how to use the money you make because once you make it, you’ll be tempted to use it on the wrong stuff.



It’s essential to have a plan and know how to bring in new clients consistently or you’ll end up worrying about how you’ll be able to pay yourself and your employees. If you don’t know how to get clients, there’s no business.

Some channels you can use:

  1. Referrals
  2. Youtube videos
  3. Facebook

Experiment with different marketing strategies. Be consistent with what you end up doing.



How do you partner up with attorneys to get referrals?

Trust is the main thing. You need to nurture the relationships. Meet with them. Treat them like human beings. Keep in touch.

Take notes on people because they love when you remember what they told you. Ex. ask about their spouse, their families, their struggles, etc.

This will make a big difference in your relationships.

This works for clients, employees, and referral partners.

Key to success is the habit of being systematic, having systems for everything and being consistent.

You can use a CRM for your system, but if money is tight just use a notebook or a spreadsheet.


Tyson’s Video strategy

He posts videos to Youtube three times a week. He talks about relatable, simple things and just does the  video from his phone, nothing fancy.

He writes long form Facebook posts, writes it like an email and it gets a lot of likes and comments. Then he’ll take what he writes there and use it in his Youtube videos.

There is a time and place for everything. If you’re still struggling with the workflow and getting things done then now is probably not the time to use advanced marketing strategies.



Start with going from A-Z of a case and document each step, starting from when you or your receptionist first pick up the phone all the way through when you follow up after the case is closed. What’s a good case or not a good case. Once you do this you can start automating a bunch of steps and things that have to get done. You will need this if you want to grow your firm or even if you just want to take a vacation and things need to run smoothly while you’re away.

You will need to establish a process before you create the system, to make sure that the tools and software you get are best suited to your firm’s needs. You don’t have to be tech savvy. You can just hire someone who will be in charge of the software and automating the processes.

You have to decide which things you want to be doing and the rest you should automate and delegate, this way you’re doing what you like and are needed to do and the rest you’ll have your staff take care of.

When you start hiring you have to be comfortable with delegating and trusting that the work will get done. Otherwise your employees will sit there doing nothing since you aren’t comfortable letting go of the work. You should understand how everything works in your firm, but you should not be the one actually doing all the work.



Where do people go for knowledge and support?

Mentors are very important. You are who you hang out with, so associate yourselves with successful people who will give you the image you want. Absorb as much as you can and also make sure to give them some value too.

You can create masterminds. Have a group of people that meet every so often. Make sure it’s people from different industries. You’ll end up learning a lot from each other, you’ll have support when you need it, and it costs you nothing.

Remember to always keep learning. Surround yourself with knowledge. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos, etc.


Knowledge is Power



Advocate capital - financing

Infusion soft - CRM

Paper Click

Tube buddy - free service to optimize and grow your Youtube channel


Cleo - good for general practice

Filevine - case management system

Zapier - connects apps/softwares



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