How to Manage Your Firm’s Online Presence and Attract Your Ideal Clients with Paul Mackiewicz

Every business owner wants to know what makes their clients tick. How do they discover, explore, and eventually end up choosing one option over another?

The answer lies in consumer behavior — a complex mix of individual psychology, external influences, and technology. And in the digital era, understanding how individuals interact with your brand is key to business success. Here’s the good news: you can hack consumer behavior through effective digital marketing.

In this episode, Paul Mackiewicz joins us to talk about the power of digital marketing in elevating your law firm. He shares practical tips on how to personalize your law firm and leverage modern tools to reach your target audience effectively.

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Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Learn how to personalize your law firm.
  2. Discover tips and tricks on to elevate your marketing strategy.
  3. Understand how digital marketing can lead your law firm to success.


Episode Highlights

Paul’s Journey

  • Paul went to college for a year, changing majors four times.
  • The patriotic fervor after 9/11, as well as his father’s and grandfather’s background in the army, compelled him to join the military.
  • He was passionate about serving people and golf.
  • Paul discovered he had a penchant for business and built a scooter rental company in New Mexico through digital marketing.
  • He started #Smart Marketing, which aims to highlight clients’ value propositions.

Digital Marketing in Medical and Legal Companies

  • Ask the right questions.
  • Build an emotional connection.
  • Be involved with your community.
  • Put thought into your website.
  • Highlight fun and unique aspects of your practice.

Paul: “You have to use what you have and just not be the same as everybody else out there.”

Personalize Your Law Firm

  • Reflect on and eliminate your fears.

Paul: “Whatever fear or misconceptions that you have about the permanence of who you are, you can change that time and time again.”

  • If you were a celebrity online, which celebrity would you be?
  • What are your most memorable cases?

Paul: “[That] behind-the-curtain stuff that most law firms are too afraid to put out there really can be one of your biggest value propositions if you use it right.”

  • Be authentic and vulnerable.

Paul: “People buy from people they like. People tend to like people that have good stories.”

How to Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts

  • Start with business listings.
  • Take advantage of the zero moment of truth. Your audience can research about your firm or services, so it’s important to gather good reviews and ratings.
  • Make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.
  • Connect with your community online, and look at your engagements in social media.
  • After building the foundation, look into paid ads and SEO.

Comparison Shopping

  • Check out the prices and layouts of your competitors.
  • Learn what informs and influences your target audience’s decisions.
  • Do your due diligence before creating your marketing strategy.
  • Find the lowest-hanging fruit.
  • Create an FAQ page or blog.

Paul: “You really have to be strategic around it. And I don’t think enough marketing companies ask the right questions to find ways around skinning that cat.”

Getting Reviews with Efficiency

  • You need at least three reviews.
  • Find ways to systemize and make review collection easier.
  • Be adaptable and funnel reviews into different places.
  • Make sure you check your dashboard monthly.

Paul: “It’s all about understanding the system and using it for your benefit as opposed to [what many law firms do] — crossing their fingers, hoping that somebody’s going to leave them a review. But if you institute a very strategic step in the process, it works itself out.”

  • Be patient and consistent.

Expand Your Network

  • Build valuable relationships.
  • Work with smaller firms more than or along with bigger firms.
  • Hire in-house marketing staff and build systems out.
  • Find a good marketing company.

The Power of Data

  • Grab any opportunity to get a free listing.
  • Have multiple citations and backlinks to your website.
  • The metrics you measure also matter. Track conversion rates and average dollar per client.

Moshe: “Technology is at the point where you could get the data. You can know. And we’re able to [see now] how much of our social media promotion that we were doing was effective.”

Paul’s Last Piece of Advice

  • Competition is inevitable. Be prepared to be compared.
  • Take time to understand the buying psychology of your target audience and leverage that.

Paul: “If there’s one free thing, low-hanging fruit that I think you would get the most value out of, that’s what it is. It’s [to] pretend like you’re a client for a half hour and see how it goes.”

  • Be critical of yourself.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask other people for input.

About Paul

Paul Mackiewicz is bringing honor back to digital marketing. He and his company have devoted their professional lives to finding and amplifying the message of other honorable businesses across the US. He is an Army veteran, entrepreneur, devoted husband, proud father, an adventurer, mediocre but passionate golfer, and most would say a "good dude." Paul exemplifies expert level marketing knowledge with an amateur level "earn it" mentality.

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