How to Double Your Case Files Without Spending Another Cent on Marketing with Jan Roos

In this Law Firm Growth Summit 2019 session replay, Jan Roos, CEO of CaseFuel and author of the book “The Legal Marketing Fastlane” talks about How to Double Your Case Files without Spending Another Cent on Marketing. He talks about why spending more money to have “big engine” marketing gets minimal return on investment, and why legal firms should focus instead on a more lean and more effective marketing process.


Episode Highlights

The Problem with “Big Engine” Marketing

Spending more money to have “big engine” marketing produces clients but at the end of the day, you get minimal return on investment. The more lean and the more effective your marketing is, the better. You might not need a bigger engine, you might just need a more efficient process. To do this, you have to leverage your intake process because two to three times more business deals can be closed by fixing these intake processes.


Some Amazing Numbers to Consider:

  • 49% of your leads aren't even using the phone.
  • 51% of the leads that we have coming in are coming in through phone. The remainder about 25% are coming through form, 20% coming through chat. And then we also have a small amount coming through as emails.
  • For the leads that are coming through the phone, 39% of calls went to voicemail and then 50% of law firms didn't return the calls within 72 hours.


Fixing Intake Processes

Four sections to the sales journey:

  1.  The marketing piece: getting the lead to the door, getting somebody to either be messaging you, placing a phone call, or somehow reaching out to your firm.
  2. The intake: a process of converting leads into getting them that consultation with your firm. This is one of the processes we are focused on fixing. It has two components: the initial contact and the follow up
  3. The appointment booking: after the lead has been contacted, they agree to a specific time and date to meet with the lawyer. This is the other part of the process that needs to be improved.
  4.  The consultation, where the sale happens. 


Delegate or automate the intake process by leveraging technology to automate voicemail or SMS messages to follow up on leads.


Work with legal reception services such as Smith.AI


Database Reactivation - following up after a certain period of

time to reactivate old leads in your database


Providing Alternative Payment Options

Client financing - clients provide an application to a basket of lenders who will allow the client to pay on a more convenient basis, similar to car financing.


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