How to Shift Your Identity from Attorney to Law Firm Owner with Charley Mann

Do you want to break free from fear and resistance and experience transformative growth in your law firm?

In this episode of Profit with Law, Moshe Amsel and Charley Mann discuss the #1 challenge law firm owners face: the shift from lawyer to law firm owner. The conversation focuses on how to overcome the fear and resistance associated with shifting identity from lawyer to entrepreneur. Charley emphasizes the importance of taking risks and not shying away from the challenges of entrepreneurship, highlighting the freedom and ability to express oneself that comes with starting a business.

Join us for an insightful discussion on overcoming fear and embracing the journey towards a thriving entrepreneurial venture.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the art of law firm ownership and entrepreneurship.
  • Shift your identity from lawyer to successful entrepreneur.
  • Navigate the benefits and challenges of solo law practice.
  • Overcome fear and resistance to entrepreneurial growth.
  • Embrace the work and consistent effort for success.


Episode Highlights

[00:00] Embracing Gratitude and Blessings
Moshe shares his recent personal blessings, expressing gratitude for family and life, and encourages listeners to remain hopeful during tough times.

[06:24] Introduction to Charley Mann
Moshe introduces Charley, Founder of Law Firm Alchemy. Charley shares about his decision to go out on his own to start his own business and what kept him motivated.

[12:45] Understanding Motivations for Starting a Law Firm
Moshe delves into the underlying reasons for starting a law firm, highlighting the importance of impacting lives and achieving personal fulfillment beyond just time and money.

[19:48] The Challenge of Identity in Law Firms
Charley delves into the challenge of identity for law firm owners, highlighting the need to transition from being a lawyer who owns a law firm to becoming an entrepreneur. Building entrepreneurial skills and mindset is crucial for growth. Charley discusses the shift from being a lawyer to becoming a business owner and the importance of building skills in marketing, leadership, management, and financial management to achieve escape velocity from a lifestyle focused on trading time for money.

[28:23] The Temptation of Affluence and Lifestyle Choices
Charley addresses the challenge of balancing affluence and lifestyle choices for law firm owners, highlighting the need to prioritize building leverage and understanding the potential for continuous growth beyond material possessions.

[30:35] Solo Practice Business Models
Moshe shares his perspective on solo practice business models, emphasizing the potential for growth beyond owning a solo firm.

[34:07] Strategic Hires and Overcoming Resistance
Charley delves into the resistance his clients face and the importance of setting clear goals to overcome fear and resistance in making strategic hires. He explains the concept of "gentle bullying" to hold people accountable to their intentions and vision for their law firms.

[40:07] Overcoming Fear and Taking Leaps of Faith
Charley discusses the role of fear in decision-making and emphasizes the importance of taking leaps of faith to achieve growth in law firms.

[44:24] Overcoming Fear and Resistance in Business
Charley discusses the fear of hiring and the resistance to investing in the growth of a law firm. Encourages listeners to consider the what-if questions and realize that the extreme scenarios we build up in our heads are not likely to happen.

[46:51] Embracing the Work and Taking Risks
Charley advises listeners not to be afraid of the work and to relish it, as the work will change over time. Encourages taking risks and leaning into challenges, as that's essential for growth in business and personal life.

[49:42] Pushing Through Resistance and Taking Risks
Moshe wraps up by encouraging listeners to overcome resistance and take risks, as that's essential for growth. Urges them to start doing the necessary work and not get stuck in the status quo.


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About Charley Mann

Charley is a coach and strategist for entrepreneurial law firm owners. He helps owners transform their law firms into wealth generation and lifestyle vehicles while growing as leaders along the way.

Connect with Charley Mann on his LinkedIn. You can also follow him on Facebook, and YouTube


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