Is Google Advertising Worth It for Law Firms? with Sasha Berson

Do you want to skyrocket your law firm's revenue through Google advertising?

In this episode of the Profit with Law podcast, Moshe Amsel interviews Sasha Berson, a seasoned entrepreneur who has a proven track record of helping small law firms double their revenue in three years or less. Sasha shares valuable insights and strategies on Google advertising for law firms, delving into the intricacies of SEO, PPC, and LSAs. He emphasizes the importance of consistent investment in marketing and finding the right partner to navigate the complexities of Google advertising. He provides practical advice tailored to small law firm owners, highlighting the readiness for different Google marketing strategies and the mindset shift required for achieving growth and predictability. With Sasha's expertise and experience, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and actionable steps for small law firm owners looking to leverage Google advertising to increase their revenue.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Maximize Your Firm's Reach with Google Advertising
  • Elevate Your Firm's Visibility with Strategic Marketing
  • Uncover the Power of SEO and PPC for Your Firm
  • Drive Growth by Investing in Your Firm's Marketing
  • Find Your Dream Marketing Team to Propel Your Firm


Episode Highlights

00:00 Introduction to Sasha Berson
Moshe introduces Sasha Berson as a marketing expert focused on helping small law firms double their revenue in three years or less. They discuss the significance of Google marketing for law firms and why it's essential for growth.

06:02 Who is Ready for Google Advertising?

Moshe and Sasha discuss when it’s time to start investing in Google advertising and what law firms need to get started.

11:14 SEO: Long-Term Game and Investment
Sasha explains that SEO is a long-term strategy that may take months or even a year to see results. The investment typically pays off handsomely, with a return of four to seven dollars for every dollar invested.

14:43 Pay Per Click and LSA Advertising
Sasha discusses the time and optimization required for pay per click (PPC) and local service ads (LSA) advertising. He highlights the need for months to optimize these strategies for effective results.

17:38 Minimum Advertising Spend for Google Advertising
Sasha discusses the minimum monthly advertising spend recommended by Google for PI attorneys. He explains the importance of a sufficient budget for Google Advertising to allow the algorithm to learn and optimize campaigns effectively.

21:18 Key Leading Indicators and Agency Costs for SEO
Sasha explains the importance of key leading indicators in measuring the success of SEO efforts. He also discusses the starting point for agency costs for SEO and the additional investment required for faster results.

27:03 Calculating Marketing Investment Based on Revenue
Moshe breaks down the minimum revenue required to support a $10,000 monthly marketing investment, emphasizing the need for capital to carry the investment until it starts paying for itself.

31:12 Investing in Your Law Firm
Sasha discusses the necessity of investing in the business like one would invest in education. Ambitious law firm owners need to be willing to invest in marketing and advertising to achieve growth.

33:40 Becoming a CEO
Advises law firm owners to transition from being an attorney to becoming a CEO to achieve growth. Having an attorney on staff and investing in marketing are essential for predictable client acquisition.

38:24 Selecting the Right Marketing Team
Stresses the importance of choosing the right marketing team for a law firm. Sasha offers a free marketing assessment report to help law firm owners understand their website's performance and select the best marketing team.





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About Sasha Berson

Sasha is a serial entrepreneur with a twenty-plus year track record, advisor to numerous law firm owners, best-selling co-author with Steve Forbes, and a speaker. Among early successes, Sasha co-founded the nation’s fifteenth-largest wholesale lending operation (over $5B in funding).

Now, he is focused exclusively on leading his team to help 2,000 small law firm owners double their revenue in 3 years or less.


Connect with Sasha Berson on his Facebook. You can also follow him on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

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