Strategize Your Content Marketing from Start to Finish with Adam Kosloff

No matter what specialty you have, you have a unique set of valuable knowledge and experience. As a firm owner, your firm is best served when you focus on, leverage, and build on your strengths. Now, content writing and content marketing may not exactly be your cup of tea, and that’s fine. You can outsource this service to get better results. You have options to choose from to save time, effort, and money. 

In this episode, Adam Kosloff joins us to talk about the different ways you can outsource your content writing. He also walks us through the system of creating content, and we talk about the importance of good content marketing in promoting your services.

If you want to know how content writing and content marketing can help you grow your firm, this episode with Adam is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn your different options and the things you need to consider in content writing. 
  2. Understand the difference between content writing and content marketing.
  3. How can delegating tasks help you save time and still get the best results? 


Episode Highlights

How Adam Started

  • Adam graduated with a degree in geophysics from Yale. He then moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. 
  • In 2003, He took writing for the web as a freelancer. 

Adam also got into nutrition science and started his blog around the topic. 

  • Adam's broad experience led him to create Virtuoso Content. 
  • He shares that he doesn’t want to write tons of copy just for the sake of putting out content. 

Adam Kosloff: “The theme of the company is no sufferings, that nobody involved in the process should suffer. The reader should be like, ‘This is good content, I'm happy, I've learned something.’ The client should be like, ‘This is an easy process; we've done well.’ The writer should be like, ‘I've been paid well, this is like a nice process, a good culture.’”

Differentiate Content Writing from Content Marketing

  • Creating and posting content are two separate roles. 
  • The writers need to pique readers’ interest, while the marketing manager needs to watch over promotions and observe trends. 
  • Promoting content is easier to follow since there are clear instructions on what to do; however, the writer needs to be creative and flexible to different situations.  
  • The promotion process can be complicated; listen to the full episode to learn more.  

Understand Your Motivations

  • Before seeking to write content, you need to know why you want or need it. 
  • Your motivations need to align with your business and goals. 
  • After understanding these, you need to know your niche and target audience. 
  • It’s only by assessing where you are that you can move forward and examine the options available. 

Adam: “I want to see people succeed, and so I want to know how this (content writing output) is plugged into their general—not just the marketing, but their plan, their life.”

Options for Content Writing

  • Your solution can include hiring a freelance writer, a writing agency, or someone in-house to write content. 
  • If you’re looking to cut costs, getting a freelance writer may be perfect for you. 
  • However, be aware that freelancers may not necessarily be customer service-oriented, unlike writing agencies. 
  • Be cautious about the opportunity cost versus financial costs. Know more about the advantages and disadvantages of your options in the full episode!  

Learn to Delegate to Save Your Time 

  • You cannot manage everything in your business.
  • Get people to help you, especially on things you’re not good at.

Adam: “A person who is an expert in an area is always the best solution [in your business], not a product out of a box.”

  • At the top of the company, there is usually a visionary and an integrator. 
  • Your company can work better when you separate the two roles.

System of Creating Content

  • Your reason for wanting to create content will provide clarity and guidance throughout your project. 
  • Know your standards of success. If you need to hand over the work to someone else, what kind of checklist will it need? 
  • Imagine reaching your goal; what does that look like? 
  • Be deliberate in your process so you consistently know where to go next.  

Who Are You Writing For?

  • Adam shares that most of his clients don’t know what to write about. It becomes his company’s responsibility to think up creative content. 
  • His tip is to think about what people care about and want to share. 
  • You can shape your future image with content marketing. First, figure out your aspirational goals. 
  • Then, write content on those topics.  
  • Eventually, you’ll be known in this field. 

Adam Kosloff: “There are so many ways to go, and it's easy to get overwhelmed... I’m trying to figure out what works and do more of that.”

Content Marketing Takes Time

  • Exponential growth takes time.

Moshe: “I think the important thing to understand is that with any sort of content marketing is—it's a long game, you know. You don't just put content out there, and suddenly everybody's seeing it. It takes a lot of time and effort for it to show up in the right places, for the right people, at the right time.”

  • Business growth happens in a non-linear fashion. 
  • It’s different and unique to each business.
  • Don’t let uncertainty stop you from taking action. You don’t know what will happen anyway, so just try.

On Setting Expectations with Clients

Adam doesn’t track metrics. 

  • Instead, they try different strategies and see if they work based on the client’s feedback.
  • Learn from the results and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. 
  • Start with small experiments and examine the results. It’s only when you’ve gained experience that you can invest in bigger strategies.

Adam Kosloff: “You take small bets that seem like they're going to work; you measure the results. And then if something looks really good and promising, and is delivering, then you fire a cannonball, then you throw a huge bunch of resources at something.”

  • Listen to the full episode to hear the discussion about progressively improving your content marketing strategies!

Adam: “In my mind, I'm always like, ‘How do I protect the attorney from being as efficient as possible and for not getting burned?’ You know, I want to see them succeed and feel like they had a good experience.”

Final Thoughts

  • When thinking of content to write, lean into your personal experiences and feelings. 
  • Write content that’s relatable. That way, people feel like they’re being heard. 
  • In this way, content writing can help your client decommodify their services.
  • When you want to attract clients, you need to learn to think from their perspective. 
  • From there, just connect authentically, and you will gain the trust and confidence of others. 

Adam: “If you start from that idea of, ‘I'm a human being, this is what emotionally I'm feeling, this is what I would love someone to say or do for me.’ And you go from there, from that place of naked authenticity, it's gonna help you.”

About Adam Kosloff

Adam is the founder and CEO of Virtuoso Content. His company creates online content for attorneys. He graduated from Yale and moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. He also began writing for the web. His client roster included different businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to small companies.

As a writer for over a decade, Adam has personally written over 32,000 pieces of content on any subject imaginable, from personal injury law and aluminum extrusions to the science of low carbohydrate diets. He approaches content writing beyond the typical SEO article writing. He specializes in generating creative content tailor-fit to any business. 

Adam also runs a blog and podcast on low-carb nutrition science at Calorie Gate. Beyond this, he has self-published eight eBooks, including The Low Carber’s Survival Guide and How to Write Web Pages on Any Topic Fast: Smashing Through the 8 Obstacles to Online Writing Productivity.

Interested to know more about Adam’s work? You can call him at (818) 601-6747 or send an email at [email protected]. You can also reach him on LinkedIn and Twitter

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