The 6 Stages of a Successful Law Firm Marketing Strategy with Erik Olson

There are various marketing strategies you can use to promote your message and services to your target clients. Thus, many law firm owners struggle with the burden of choice, often grappling with creating a marketing plan that serves their firm well. As you’ll learn, there really is no quick answer to this problem. Effective law firm marketing takes some trial and error, and the metrics you measure also matter.

Fortunately, there is help available. Experts like our guest today and law firm marketing agencies can take you to where you need to be with far less stress and more efficiency.

In this episode, Erik Olson of Array Digital joins us to discuss how you can make marketing work for you. He shares the six stages of a successful law firm marketing strategy and how you can use that to help you along your journey. Erik also imparts golden nuggets from his years of digital marketing experience and shares the value of experimentation in your search for the best strategy.

Don’t miss this episode and take your business to new heights with the marketing strategy that fits your firm the best.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Learn why continuous experimentation is critical to find the best law firm marketing tactics for your practice.
  2. Understand the stages of a law firm’s growth strategy. 
  3. Discover tactical measures to optimize your law firm marketing strategy.


Episode Highlights

Continuous Experimentation in Businesses

  • There is no one-size-fits-all marketing approach for law firms.
  • Finding the ideal marketing tactic takes trial and error. You can also seek help from experts.
  • It is a continuous experiment until you determine what works best for your firm.
  • The process allows you to learn and grow as a business owner.
  • Once you identify the strategy that works best, dive into its deepest possible level to get the best results.

Get to Know Erik

  • Erik Olson is the founder and CEO of Array Digital.

Erik: “People don't have to learn by knocking their head against the wall and experimenting and failing and potentially having a fatal failure, where the business just [doesn’t] have any more to go around. Linking up with someone [like a coach] short-cuts the path to success.”

  • He is also the author of Million Dollar Journey: How to launch a seven-figure business.
  • Erik loves podcasts, especially those that discuss entrepreneurship, freelance businesses, and digital marketing. 
  • He hosts a podcast with his business partner. They interview America’s top managing partners about how they run and grow their law firms.

Erik’s Digital Marketing Journey 

  • Erik practiced civil engineering for six years before starting a software development business.
  • They rebranded into Array Digital after realizing the value of effective marketing for their clients.
  • As an engineer, he wants to understand digital marketing thoroughly. Erik took time to study, experiment, and determine a formula that works.

Erik: “When it comes to [website design, SEO, and things like Google advertising] . . . it’s actually very formulaic. There’s a way that is done; you have to do it a certain way.”

Bringing Focus to Law Firm Marketing

  • At the moment, Digital Array only markets to law firms. 
  • The agency has seen significant results for their clients in the legal industry. They have created a positive impact on firms’s professional, personal, and financial goals.
  • Sometimes, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of your clients.

Erik: “If you can get in the top three [Google search results], especially in the top one, you’re going to start printing money . . . I just sent an update earlier today, year over year 328% increase in their targeted organic traffic. We want to do that for all of our clients.”

  • Weed through bad clients and keep the good ones. This way, you end up with quality clients and a healthy business.

Find the Capital

  • You must invest and spend money to accelerate your business’s growth.
  • Do not wait until you have the funds. Instead, find the capital. 
  • It is also crucial to identify the phases of your firm’s growth strategy. 
  • Doing this removes the confusion and greases your law firm’s money wheel.

Moshe: “The problem with endless [marketing] options is that we don’t know which is the right one. If you cut and run too quickly, you could be on the right one and just didn’t wait long enough. When you’re in this place of need, it becomes very difficult to be patient.”

Law Firm Marketing Begins with an Online Presence

Erik: “Have a presence on the Internet. [Having a website] is important because that’s the only place on the internet that you control completely.”

  • Create your website and Google Business Profile. 
  • If your budget is tight, it doesn’t immediately have to be a perfect and professional website. 
  • You also have to own the domain name. 

The 6 Stages of Law Firm Marketing and Growth

  • First stage: If you have limited funding, focus on fortifying your local SEO presence. 
  • Second stage: Acquire a company website and have it professionally designed.  
  • Third stage: Focus on technical SEO. This includes elements like site speed, indexing, and website architecture, among others. 
  • Fourth stage: This involves creating content and link building for SEO. For law firms, this means legal copywriting geared to answer specific questions that your audiences search on Google.

Erik: “That’s an awful lot of legal copywriting . . . We do the writing, but of course, we need our clients to review and approve. Then, an active approach to building links. You can’t just leave it up to chance that people will drop a link on your website. We have to make it happen.”

  • Fifth stage: Creating more content, backlinking, and retargeting ads.
  • Sixth stage: Maximize everything through pay-per-click ads or organic posting on social media.

Choosing the Right Marketing for Law Firms

  • People often base their marketing strategy on need instead of vision. 
  • Erik advises law firm owners to invest in long-term strategies like SEO instead of short-term tactics like Google ads.
  • The goal is to drive people who don’t know about your business to your website. 
  • Then, you can run retargeting ads.  
  • You can also market through your existing clients. Ask for reviews.

Erik: “Just ask. A lot of times people are afraid to ask, but you won’t receive it if you don’t ask. “

Running Your Virtual Law Firm 

  • You need a physical commercial address. 
  • Get professional headshots done. 
  • Hire a marketing agency.
  • Create more written SEO content. 
  • Stick to the guidelines of Google Business Profile. 

Social Media for Your Law Firm 

  • Social media content like TikTok and Instagram takes time, energy, and commitment. 
  • Create interesting content for social media only if you have the expertise and time. 
  • Organic SEO is an excellent way to talk about your services to your clients. 
  • Podcasts and videos take time. However, they are “evergreen content” because they provide social exposure. 
  • They increase your searchability on Google.

About Erik

Erik Olson is the Founder & CEO of Array Digital — a marketing agency that enables its clients to achieve their dreams, fulfill their missions, and impact more lives with their services.

He is also the author of Million Dollar Journey: How to launch a seven-figure business, host of The Managing Partners Podcast — interviews with America’s top managing partners about how they’re running and growing their law firms — and host of the Journey to $100 Million daily podcast — sharing tips, tricks, and lessons learned from scaling Array Digital into a world-class digital marketing powerhouse. Erik speaks often on the topics of entrepreneurship, building freelance businesses, and digital marketing. 

Learn more about Erik through his firm, Array Digital.

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