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Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

The Law Firm Growth Summit is in full swing and one of the features of the event is the nightly Live Q&A sessions. This is an exclusive opportunity to have direct access to a number of industry leaders in an open discussion forum. The Q&A session was so good that we had to bring it to our podcast listeners. Below is a list of the questions answered along with timestamps so you can jump around and find what is applicable to you. It is not too late to join the summit and join us live for the remaining Q&A session during the week of December 16-20, 2019.

12:40 - Daniel asks what the best methods a new practice owner can implement to attract new clients.
30:27 - Melissa asks how she can gain expert status through speaking engagements.
36:00 - Jonathan asks how marketing B2B would be treated differently than marketing B2C.
49:59 - Nicole asks how to plan her marketing strategy when her firm serves multiple practice areas.
1:00:00 - Diana asks how she can leverage existing client goodwill when transitioning to a new practice area.
1:16:51 - Tad asks how someone in an area like family or criminal law can market themselves on a low budget where speaking engagements seem  to be a difficult way to go.
1:34:12 - Diana asks how important a logo and professional headshots are to the overall website.
1:39:06 - Rachel asks how she can mine her clients for new business opportunities without adding a totally new practice area.

The Law Firm Growth Summit is a unique event. With 30 speakers, entirely virtual content so you don’t have to travel and absolutely FREE admission, there is no reason not to attend this amazing conference. Find out more at

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